Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- More than ten years after their arrest thousands of miles away, suspects of terrorism imprisoned at the Guantanamo military jail, in southeast Cuba, are still in a legal limbo that prolongs the solution to their illegal situation... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- Eighty two percent of the minors who break the law in Cuba and are sentenced to a detention period are able to reinsert themselves successfully in day-to-day activities after serving their sentence. ... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)— A photo-voltaic park, the first one in Cuba’s western-most province of Pinar del Rio, will begin to be set up in 2014 and progressively start contributing energy to the provincial power grid. ... More

Matanzas, November 20 (RHC)-- The unity and support of the Cuban people are decisive factors of strength and must be maintained as an essential fortress in face of any attempt by our enemy to attack the Cuban Revolution, said General Joaquín Quinta, Deputy Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.... More

Brazilia, November 20 (RHC)-- Managers and other high officials of Brazilian Government institutions received detailed information on the advantages of the Mariel Special Development Zone, in Cuba, which offers new opportunities for Foreign investment and profits.... More

Sugar Harvest Begins in Cuba

Havana, November 20 (RHC)-- The new sugar harvest began in Cuba this Wednesday morning as teams of cutters and huge harvesters commenced operations in plantations of the Manuel Fajardo Sugar Mill, in the Western Cuban province of Mayabeque, near Havana.... More

Havana, November 20 (RHC)-- The Cuban Penal Code faces the challenge of evolving to match the new conditions created by the updating of the social and economic model in the country, declared in Havana the well know judicial expert Pavel Peterssen,... More

Havana, November 20 (RHC)-- Animal production in Latin America must achieve environmentally and socially sustainable production systems while respecting animal welfare and promoting biodiversity.... More

Havana, November 19 (RHC)-- Army General Raul Castro, President of the Cuban Councils of State and Ministers, announced Tuesday morning the beginning throughout the island of the strategic military exercise Bastion 2013, which takes place throughout the island. ... More

Tehran, November 19 (RHC)-- The Head of the Iranian Parliament’s Commission for National Security and Foreign Policy, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, said in Teheran that Cuba consistently provides at all international forums valuable support for his country's policies. ... More

Guantanamo, November 19 (RHC)-- Peace activists from all over the world have again demanded the restitution to Cuba of the Guantanamo Naval Base, a portion of Cuban territory illegally occupied by the United States for over a century. ... More

Nicosia, November 19 (RHC)-- The Mediterranean Republic of Cyprus and Cuba have voiced their will to strengthen friendship and cooperation links between their respective press institutions, as a result of a visit by Cuban Ambassador Aramis Fuentes to the newspaper Haravgui, in Nicosia, the Cypriot capital city. ... More

Paris, November 19 (RHC)-- Cuba's Ambassador to France, Héctor Igarza, thanked Paris for its vote at the United Nations against the blockade of Cuba, criminally enforced against the island for over half a century now. ... More

Havana, November 19 (RHC)-- The introduction of ago-ecology continues advancing in Cuba with reported increase of food production.... More

Berlín, November 19 (RHC)-- The Association "Kulturhaus-Havanna" has been founded in the German capital city by a Group of five Cubans, an Italian and one German with the aim of promoting cultural affairs by artists of both countries. As part of the initiative, both Berlin and Havana will provide stages for the presentation of cultural events by German and Cuban artists.... More