Dow Chemical Lobbies White House to Reject Scientific Findings on Pesticides

Édité par Pavel Jacomino
2017-04-22 16:29:24


Washington, April 22 (RHC)-- In the U.S., Dow Chemical is asking the Donald Trump administration to reject the findings of government scientists as they prepare a report on how pesticides known as organophosphates threaten human health and thousands of critically endangered species.

Organophosphates were originally derived from a nerve agent developed in Nazi Germany.  Peer-reviewed scientific studies have linked even small amounts of the chemicals to low birth weight and brain damage in children.

Last month, Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt overturned a ban on one of the pesticides, produced by Dow Chemical, just before it was set to take effect.  Dow Chemical paid $1 million to underwrite Donald Trump's January inauguration, and Dow CEO Andrew Liveris was tapped by President Trump to head a White House manufacturing working group.


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