Bolivia Announces Plan to Mitigate Climate Change

Édité par Pavel Jacomino
2017-09-02 14:54:34


La Paz, September 2 (RHC)-- Bolivia has announced new programs to tackle the effects of climate change at the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Conference for Drought Management and Preparedness.  During the conference, Crispim Moreira, representative of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization in Bolivia, outlined government initiatives to guarantee Bolivia’s natural resources — especially in times of drought.  These include programs called My Water, My Irrigation and Water Harvesting.

“These are important advances in Bolivia to mitigate the effects of these phenomena, which are part of our commitment and effort to meet the goals of the 2030 agenda,” said Moreira, referring to the Paris climate accord.

In March, low rainfall and the effects of a changing climate helped fuel Bolivia’s worst drought in 25 years.  The drought has parched many of the country’s resources, quickened the drying of lakes, devastated crops and livestock and is estimated to have already claimed around 40 percent of the country’s glaciers, pushing many to migrate to urban centers.

According to Moreira, since 1970 the number of people affected by drought has doubled with 80 percent of the impact felt by the agricultural sector.  The new programs are part of a broader effort to prepare Bolivians for worsening climate conditions.

The Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Conference for Drought Management and Preparedness met in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Sixteen Latin American and Caribbean countries took part in the conference.


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