Towards the second floor of the fourth transformation

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2024-06-08 07:53:35


Illustrative image. (Image taken from Diario Basta)

By Roberto Morejón

The majority of Mexicans showed with their vote their confidence in the continuity of the policy that they consider to have successful results, the Fourth Transformation program, the banner of the outgoing president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and that Claudia Sheinbaum defends.

After obtaining more than 35 million votes in which the voters' confidence in her qualification to guide the country's destiny is appreciated, the former head of government of Mexico City has reiterated that her compatriots will continue to build prosperity shared.

What she defines as the second floor of the Fourth Transformation is presented as her commitment to the people, the same one that gave her more than 59 percent of the vote, with an advantage of more than 30 points over the candidate of the opposition.

But what does the Fourth Transformation consist of, the statement to which AMLO, as López Obrador is popularly known, and Claudia Sheinbaum have referred?

It is an ambitious project of progress, with a left-wing tendency, aimed at renewing the pillars of society, burdened by unfulfilled promises of neoliberal governments.

With AMLO, the State has achieved achievements such as initiating changes in the health system to care for people without health insurance, although the goal requires greater emphasis, given the accumulated losses.

Violence rates also began to decrease, but even so, the extension of organized crime is difficult to cut in a single six-year term.

Where the lines of the Fourth Transformation were most appreciated is in the economy and social programs, in a country with notable poverty and inequality.

Many Mexicans went to vote on June 2 proudly displaying the increase in their pensions and workers remembered that during AMLO's mandate the minimum wage increased nearly 120 percent above inflation.

With this execution and the transparency of the President, faced with right-wing adversaries and part of the press, together with his charisma, López Obrador today maintains more than 60 percent popularity.

When many Mexicans claim not to want to know anything about the past, they look to Morena's triumphant candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum, virtual president-elect.

The scientist also insists that she will fight for a democratic, fair, equitable, and prosperous Mexico through an economic model that benefits all sectors, with priority attention to the socially disadvantaged population.


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