Fidel Castro´s Message to Nelson Mandela

Edited by Alberto Chirino
2013-12-07 17:09:02

Old and prestigious friend, I´m so much pleased to see you have become, and also have been recognized by all world political institutions, a symbol of liberty, justice and human dignity.
They turned you a forced laborer in the quarries, as they did with Marti when he was 17 years old.
I served less than two years in the political prison, but it was time enough for me to understand what 27 years in the solitude of the prison, far from your family and friends really mean.
During the last years of your prison ordeal, your nation, under the tyranny of Apartheid, became after the battle of Cuito Cuanavale an instrument of war against Cuban internationalist combatants,  who were advancing on occupied Namibia. No one could hide the news from you about the solidarity that the people, under your guidance, inspired in all honest persons of the world.  

Then, just like today, the enemy was about to take a nuclear swipe at the troops which, in that case, were advancing against hateful Apartheid.
Nobody was ever able to explain to you where they brought from or when they took to those instruments of death.

You visited our homeland and you gave us your Support, even when your people had not yet freely elected you as President of South Africa.
Today, humanity is being threatened by the worst risk of in the history of our species.

Use all your immense moral force to keep South Africa far from the military bases of the United States and NATO.

Those who were the friends of the Apartheid regime yesterday are now cynically competing to pretend offering friendship.

The peoples of Africa that manage to survive the nuclear catastrophe that is nearing us will need the scientific knowledge and the advancement of South African technology more than ever before.

Humanity can still prevent the demolishing strike by the nuclear tragedy which is near, and the environmental one which is already present.
Fidel Castro Ruz
July 18, 2010
9:30 a.m.


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