The hypocrisy of a summit

Building a sustainable, resilient and equitable future" is the motto of the anti-democratic Summit of the Americas, in the U.S. city of Los Angeles, organized by the United States, which contrary to what it proclaims, maintains a genocidal economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, designed to cause hunger, disease and despair among the Cuban people.... More

Havana, June 6 (RHC)-- The Government of Cuba described the exclusions at the Summit of the Americas, taking place as of Monday in Los Angeles, as anti-democratic and arbitrary. Radio Havana Cuba brings the full text of a statement of the island's authorities on the issue.... More

Power and misery

The confederation of humanitarian organizations OXFAM recently published a shocking report, where it points out that in the midst of the pandemic and the global crisis affecting the whole world, every 30 hours a wealthy person reaches the figure of one billion dollars of fortune.... More

Cuba: One of the great absentees

Cuba is one of the great absentees of the misnamed Summit of the Americas, which opens its doors in the U.S. city of Los Angeles, surrounded by multiple criticisms and condemnations from governments and peoples for the exclusion of nations that are an indissoluble part of the region.... More

Peru: Legislative punctilious

The revelation of an audio in which the president of the Peruvian Congress is heard taking for granted last year that the President of the nation would be impeached, reaffirms the belligerent character of the legislative apparatus.... More

Increased temperatures, sea level, acidification and water pollution, as well as the occurrence of more intense meteorological phenomena are some of the threats facing the world today, as a result of climate change.... More

Chalk, a blackboard and a gun

The chain of armed events in the United States increases the alarm while many defend carrying a rifle or a pistol and even bringing them to schools.... More

With COVID-19 still present, the world is currently facing other public health events such as monkeypox, acute hepatitis of unknown origin, which affects the pediatric population, and respiratory infections.... More

Light among the shadows

Without leaving behind the persistent U.S. sanctions, Venezuela's economy is showing encouraging signs, admit Western media.... More

Thirty-five years ago, at the initiative of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the Program of Attention to the Integral Development of the mountainous regions was launched for the social and economic advancement of those areas of difficult access, forgotten before January 1959.... More

A blow to peace

The Federal Republic of Germany gave a definitive blow to the pacifist policy of that country, established after the defeat of the Nazi regime and the end of World War II, which devastated a large part of the planet and caused millions of deaths in the first half of the last century.... More

Cuba arrives to June 1st, International Children's Day, with the goal of a new Family Code that expands and consolidates the observance of the rights of this population sector, for whose integral development it has been working since January 1959.... More

All opinions count

The draft Family Code under study in Cuba is once again under consideration by the drafting Commission, in the light of the opinions expressed in popular consultation, in a great democratic exercise. ... More

The great challenge

As expected, Colombia's presidential candidate for the Historic Pact, Gustavo Petro, advanced to the second round of the elections, albeit against an unexpected rival, businessman Rodolfo Hernandez, who already began to receive the support of neoliberal and conservative right-wing forces.... More

It is an undeniable fact that Pedro Castillo is not allowed to govern. Since he assumed the presidency of Peru last July, there have been varied and constant maneuvers by the right wing to prevent him from carrying out his government program and implementing changes in the country.... More