Cuba's commitment to PARLATINO

Created in 1965 in Lima, the capital of Peru, PARLATINO, the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament, brings together the legislative bodies of nations in the area to coordinate joint actions on social, economic, human rights, health and education issues, among others.... More

Not even because a group of participating millionaires had the eccentricity to call for tax increases for people like them around the world, this year's edition of the Davos Forum abandoned its facade as a gathering of the opulent, in a clash with the mass of the dispossessed globally.... More

Havana, May 25 (RHC)-- The Cuba 2.0 Food Fair continues Wednesday at Pabexpo with the purpose of becoming a space for alliances in pursuit of the sector's development, where new economic actors occupy a relevant space.... More

In light of the attempts by the United States to exclude several countries, including Cuba, from the Ninth Summit of the Americas, CARICOM stressed the need for the meeting to be inclusive, with the participation of all the countries of the Hemisphere.... More

Humanity without direction

The number of people forced to flee their homes and places of origin due to armed conflict, political persecution, violence, natural disasters, racism and other causes surpassed a staggering 100 million, according to data released this week by the United Nations.... More

Bolivia has been overcoming the difficult situation generated by more than two years of pandemic, which in addition to the loss of human lives and a health crisis led to a global economic collapse, to which was added for the South American nation the terrible management of the coup government, presided by Jeanine Añez.... More

Protests on the rise

Protests and social discontent are spreading rapidly around the world, including some developed powers, due to severe global economic turbulence, inflation and the consequent generalized increase in the cost of living.... More

Cuba's medical collaboration has been consolidated and while the people and many governments are grateful for that altruistic service, right-wing forces raise campaigns aimed at tarnishing that tremendous service to humanity. ... More

Bolsonaro attacks public assets

In 2016 after a parliamentary uprising against President Dilma Rousseff, democratically elected at the polls, the coup leader Michel Temer took over as head of state and a neoliberal agenda was set in motion in Brazil, destroying the benefits for Brazilians achieved by the Workers' Party governments and endangering the country's sovereignty with privatizations.... More

It has been one year since Guillermo Lasso became president of Ecuador and the opinion about his administration is not very favorable among a great part of the country's citizens.... More

Cuba's Civil Defense was strengthened over the weekend with the realization of training exercises to outline responses to disaster situations, of any origin, and even to finalize preventive possibilities.... More

Another concern

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued an alert on a possible outbreak of the disease known as "Monkeypox", after several cases were detected in countries of different continents, most of them in Europe.... More

High tension

Tomorrow, Sunday, the closing ceremonies of the presidential candidates' campaigns will take place in Colombia, just a week before the most tense voting in memory in more than half a century, and which could be the beginning of structural transformations in that nation.... More

Experts predict an active cyclonic season that extends from June 1 to November 30. In view of this perspective, Cuba is preparing to minimize possible human losses and material damages.... More

Money and politics

Incredible as it may seem in the United States, the richest country and the first military power on the planet, these days millions of families are living in anguish due to the absence on the shelves of a basic food -- the milk formula intended for the nutrition of babies.... More