Buena Fe at Fiesta de la Cubania

Edited by Damian Donestevez
2013-10-18 10:40:21

Considered one of the best representative musicians and singers in contemporary Cuba, Buena Fe opened the musical program of the 19th Cuban Spirit Fiesta, currently underway in the city of Bayamo until Sunday, October 20th, when Cubans are celebrating National Culture Day.

The Fiesta de la Cubania commemorates the day in which the lyrics of the National Anthem were heard for the first time in 1868.

Along with members of the Youth Chamber Orchestra in the eastern province of Granma, professors of the Manuel Muñoz Cedeño Vocational Arts School and local professional musicians, the charismatic duo brightened the Plaza de la Patria or Homeland Square last night.

The concert promoted the duet’s album Dial, which follows the line designed by Buena Fe since its beginning, but this time with a different sonorous tint.
At the concert thousands of Cubans sang popular songs, such as Papel en blanco, Si yo fuera, Volar sin ti, Ser de sol and other pieces. The show included anthological pieces, such as Catalejo, Playstation, and Pi 3,14, all of them chanted by the basically young audiences.

The duet will also perform in other Granma city and towns, including Media Luna, Buey Arriba and Guisa, with the purpose of extending the Cuban Spirit Fiesta’s cultural program to other areas in the province.

Set up in 1999, Buena Fe has recorded several albums, such as Déjame Entrar (2001), Corazonero (2004), Extremistas Nobles (2010), Pi 3, 14, with which it won the Cuban Recording Industry Cubadisco 2012 Award in the category of Trova Fussion, and Dial (2012).

The Cuban Spirit Fiesta’s musical program also includes the performances by the Camerata Romeo All-Women Chamber Orchestra, Pedrito Calvo y la Nueva Justicia Band, Fiverson, Cándido Fabré and his orchestra, El Gallo and his band, Javi Santana and his group, and outstanding Cuban singer-songwriter Raúl Paz.


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