Buena Fe and Bridges of Love close gala at National Theatre in Panama

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
2022-02-14 17:43:15


Buena Fe & Bridges of Love in Panama

Panama, Feb. 14 (RHC) –A concert gala over the weekend at National Theatre of Panama featured popular Cuban duo Buena Fe. On hand was Cuban-American activist Carlos Lazo --leader of the Bridges of Love solidarity with Cuba Project.

The concert, dedicated to the 63rd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, ended with the talented Cuban musicians signing, along with a children’s choir and other guest artists, the iconic tune Guantanamera by Cuban composer José Fernández --better known as Joseíto Fernández.

The show was sponsored by the José Martí Association of Cuban Residents in Panama and the Ministry of Culture of the Central American nation, with general direction by Cuban lyric tenor Yasel Castañeda, who resides in Panama.

Friday’s gala performance began with soprano Flavia Mirabal, delighting her audience with the piece ‘Cecilia Valdés’ by Cuban composer Gonzalo Roig.

Panamanian musician Adalberto Bazán and his Grupo Matices performed two Cuban classics ‘Dos Gardenias’ by Isolina Carrillo and ‘Longina’ by Manuel Corona.

Lyric tenor Yasel Castañeda sang ‘Siboney’ by Ernesto Lecuona.

Fifteen Panamanian kids, who make up the children’s choir of the Orphanage of San José de Malambo, directed by maestro Anderson Giraldo and young Cuban girl Sofía Cárdenas, performed ‘Cuba que linda es Cuba’, composed by Eduardo Saborit.

Meanwhile, popular Buena Fe duo, made up of Israel Rojas and Yoel Martínez performed hits from their already vast repertoire. Titles included ‘La tempestad’, ‘Valientes’, ‘Catalejo’, ‘Pi 3,14’ and ‘La fuerza de un país’ –their latest tune dedicated to Cuban scientists, who developed the Cuban Covid-19 vaccines.

Addressing their Panamanian audience, Israel Rojas explained that their artistic work is a permanent tribute to Cuban health professionals, members of the Henry Reeve international health brigade, who’ve been on the frontline fighting Covid-19 in nations all over the world, also in Panama.

Cuban ambassador to Panama Lydia Margarita González also addressed the audience. She pointed to the historical friendship ties between Panama and Cuba.

Carlos Lazo --leader of the Project Bridges of Love of solidarity with Cuba and against the US blockade against the Caribbean island state—travelled to Panama, accompanied by a group of also Cuban-Americans, opposed to Washington’s Cuba Policy.

Also on hand during Friday’s concert gala as tribute to the Cuban Revolution on its 63rd anniversary was Spanish journalist and academic Ignacio Ramonet.


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