Costa-Gravas' film Z to be screened at Cuba's French Film Festival

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-06-19 07:52:02


Film Z pays tribute to Costa-Gravas at French Film Festival in Cuba.   Photo: Prensa Latina

Havana, June 19 (RHC)-- Havana's 23 y 12 movie theater is hosting this Sunday the screening of the film Z, by Costa-Gravas, a production included on the billboard of the French Film Festival in Cuba as part of the tribute to the French-Greek filmmaker.

The film tells the story of a pacifist deputy who presides over an event in Greece and is the victim of an attack and is, according to experts, a thrilling political thriller based on real events and one of the most famous films of the multi-awarded director.

The film features an ensemble cast of such established figures in the European film industry as Yves Montand, Irene Papas, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jacques Perrin and Charles Denner, and won the Jury Prize and the Best Actor Award at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival.

Other materials chosen for the tribute are: The Rails of Crime, made in 1965 and Gravas' first feature film, and Shadow a Man, a 1967 French-Italian co-production and Grand Prix nominee at the Moscow International Film Festival.

The retrospective, also scheduled to be shown at the Alfredo Guevara Halls of the Colegio San Gerónimo, includes The Confession, winner of the National Board of Review Award for Best Foreign Film and based on the plot of the book of the same name by Artur London.

The list concludes with The Capital, which tells the story of how Marc Tourneuil, a cynical bank employee in the middle of the world's economic crisis, rises unstoppably and becomes one of the most powerful and influential people in the country.


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