Dance in Urban Landscapes in Old Havana

Edited by Damian Donestevez
2016-04-05 14:30:20


Dancers, choreographers and dance experts are gathering in Old Havana as the International Festival Dance in Urban Landscapes: Old Havana, City in Motion, kicks off on April 6th.

With the sponsorship of the dance theatre company Retazos, Havana’s Historian Office and the city’s Theater Center and also known as street dance festival, the gathering, scheduled to wind up on April 10th, is considered as one of the most important events in the city’s historical section. Parallel to the gathering is the 11th International Video Dance Festival Videodanza DV, Dance Havana, Motion and City.

Exchanging artistic ideas and experiences in master classes, lectures, workshops and shows is one of the objectives of the event, whose main venues include Arms, Saint Francis of Assisi and Old Squares, the Rumiñahui and Simón Bolívar Plazas, streets, such as Mercaderes, Oficios, Amargura and Obrapía, and the Oswaldo Guayasamín, Benito Juárez, Simón Bolívar, Africa, Asia, Poetry, Obrapía and Wallonie Houses.

Other venues include the Hispanic American Culture Center, the Fine Arts Museum, the Diversity Hall, the Factory of Cuban Arts and the Visual Arts Development Center. Dancers, choreographers, dance critics and other experts are set to arrive from Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Spain, France, Mexico, Norway, Italy, Ecuador, Uruguay, Canada, El Salvador, Japan, Sweden and others to participate in the street dance gathering.

The International Festival Dance in Urban Landscapes: Old Havana, City in Motion has been included, since 1999, in the International Dancing Cities circuit, an international network, made up of cities in Europe and the Americas, set up in Barcelona, Spain, in 1992.


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