Pana, Colombia's Pan American Games mascot symbolizes friendship

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2021-11-10 07:57:37


Pana, the mascot of Cali-Valle 2021

Bogota, November 10 (PL)-- Colombia continues the preparations for the I Pan American Junior Games Cali-Valle 2021 whose mascot or character will be Pana, the symbol of friendship.

The figure of these first Junior Games recreates the image of a coati, a mammal of the order of carnivores that inhabits from the southern United States to northern Argentina, mainly in forested areas, and was selected from more than 100 proposals.

"Pana is an expert swimmer and climber, he dominates dry and wet forests to perfection, nothing stops him. His body is designed to be a stealthy and persistent athlete, a champion of nature", highlights the website of these competitions to be held from the 25th of this month to December 5th.

It also says that the coati (also called nasua, coati, cusumbo, cusumbosolo, cuchucho, guache, gato solo, mipalo, pizote or misha, depending on the region) is quite sociable, living in groups of up to 30 individuals.

The name of the mascot of these Pan American Games comes from an expression typical of Colombia, Cali and Valle that denotes friendship, companionship, team, fraternity, a bond from the heart.

"It represents then the exceptional, the greatness of small beings, the effort and work to achieve their goals. It also represents the unusual, the vindication of simplicity, of carrying the strength inside," he adds.

Athletes from 41 countries of the Pan American region will participate in these games in 28 sports disciplines.


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