INDER authorities visit areas affected by Hurricane Ian

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2022-10-07 07:50:12


Pinar del Río, October 7 (JIT) - The first vice president of Inder, Raúl Fornés Valenciano, evaluated on Thursday in Pinar del Río the recovery actions in response to the damages caused by Hurricane Ian.

The executive visited the Capitán San Luis stadium and verified the removal from the ground of the lights that fell with the fall of the towers.

He also verified the repair of the protective netting after home plate and assessed the damage suffered by the protective mattresses. In that sense, he indicated their prompt installation so that the venue can host games of the upcoming First Elite League of Cuban Baseball.

"Hosting baseball games here will be a gift for the people of Pinar del Río in the midst of this difficult situation. We have to work tirelessly to give them that joy," Valenciano said.

The leader also toured the November 19 Multipurpose Hall, where he acknowledged the cleaning work done in record time and praised the efforts of those in charge of soccer in the territory, who organized a popular futsal tournament with a great reception from the public.

He also went to the battered Eide Ormani Arenado, where he talked with the students who have already returned to the classrooms on a half-termly basis.  

At the educational center he learned about the alternative consisting of each student training and studying in his or her municipality of residence, given the impossibility of offering lodging at the school under the current conditions.

Another center visited was the Manuel Fajardo School of Physical Education Teachers, where work is being done for its recovery. He verified the favorable situation of the premises occupied there by the provincial center of sports medicine and provided short-term solutions to continue the school year.

The visit was used as an opportunity to deliver donations on behalf of the workers of the Inder-Central Agency for those affected by the strong meteor.

The visit coincided with that of representatives of the Cuban Football Association (AFC), who also delivered to the Pinar del Río authorities a suitcase with supplies for the victims.

Oliet Rodríguez Méndez, president of the AFC, was accompanied by general secretary Miguel Ángel Díaz and national coach Pablo Elier Sánchez.

Among the items delivered were clothes for children and soccer balls for those who are still in evacuation centers.

Precisely to one of these places the delegation arrived and was able to share with the children and deliver part of the cooperation.

"We are very grateful for the collaboration of Inder and the AFC. Anything at this time is welcome, but much more the concern and the fact that they remember that we are here. That makes us not feel alone in these moments", expressed Yanaisa Ramos, one of the mothers sheltered in the evacuation center located in the art school of the province.

On the same day, Inder vice-president Omar Venegas visited the province of Artemisa, in particular the Eide Julio Díaz, the 26 de Julio stadium and the José Smith Comas National Rowing and Canoeing School. In those spaces he urged to continue working on the recovery and to take advantage of every potential and available resource.


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