Cuba loses to India in Chess Olympiad

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-02-01 10:00:40


Pedro Morales

Havana, February 1 (JIT) - Despite the victory of its leader, Pedro Morales, Tuesday was not good for Cuba at the Chess Olympiad for Persons with Disabilities in Belgrade 2023, Serbia.

The Cuban team lost 1-3 against the Indian team in a match that went as expected: with a lot of tension and two games extended beyond five hours.

This is how it was described from the headquarters by coach Rodney Perez, who praised the commitment on the four boards, although the greatest recognition went to the triumph of Morales, precise conductor of the black pieces during 24 moves of a Queen Pawn opening against Kumar Pradhan Soundarya.

On the second table, Carlos Larduet lost with white figures against Kutwal Shashikant in a long duel of 90 moves of an English Opening. His partner Alberto Interian was also unable to defeat Gangolli Kishan on the third board.

Idalis Batista defended the fourth board unsuccessfully against Inani Darpan. The duel was defined in 81 moves of a Sicilian Defense, with the Caribbean player in possession of the white pieces and always seeking to erase the disadvantage she showed in the rook and bishop endgame.

"Larduet and Idalis were two very intense games. They battled a lot, there were time constraints and at some point we even thought they could win," acknowledged Rodney, convinced that the Indian team was superior in rank.

After beating Montenegro on Monday and losing to India, the Cubans have two points out of a possible four and are in 13th place. The ranking is headed by Israel, the Philippines, Serbia 2 and Poland, all with a perfect performance of two matches.

Romania, eighth in the standings with one series won and one lost, will be the opponent of the Cuban team on Wednesday.


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