Cuba urges at WHO to improve International Health Regulations

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-11-30 08:13:34


Havana, November 30 (RHC)--Dr. José Angel Portal Miranda, Cuba's Minister of Public Health, participated in the Special Session of the World Health Assembly to examine the merits of developing a WHO international convention or agreement on pandemic preparedness and response.


The absence of a coordinated worldwide effort to face the pandemic has aggravated its deadly effect and has worsened structural inequities and global problems, denounced Dr.  Portal Miranda, at the special session of the World Health Assembly.


Dr.  Jose Angel Portal Miranda

He emphasized that joining efforts and wills for the good of humanity is not only urgent but also morally undelayable. There is an unquestionable need to improve the way in which we prepare ourselves to face future pandemics and the instruments available for this purpose, such as the International Health Regulations, which constitute an effective tool for building the basic capacities of States to prevent major health events.


Notwithstanding its value, in light of the current epidemiological situation, it is inevitable to recognize that it has limitations that must be corrected, he warned.


The Minister expressed Cuba's support for strengthening the work of the WHO, focusing more and more on the protection of life and equal access to health for all. He also called for a consensus to strengthen international cooperation, taking into account the great structural differences that exist, both between and within countries.


"What we agree on cannot ignore the fact that in dealing with health emergencies we do not all start from the same conditions. The great gaps between the health systems of the North and the South need to be corrected, and to achieve this we need the firm commitment of the developed nations", he warned, and suggested that it is urgent to support the countries with fewer resources to create capacities that will enable them to face other complex situations.


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