Caravan Sunday against the U.S. blockade of Cuba

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-03-31 09:12:15


Havana, March 31 (RHC) -- Wherever you are, raise your voice for the Cuban people, is the call for participation today, the last Sunday of the month, in the international caravan against the U.S. blockade of Cuba.

"International caravan this Sunday, March 31, 2024! In Miami! Caravan for the end of the sanctions that suffocate the Cuban family!" says the exhortation published on social networks by activist Carlos Lazo, organizer of the Bridges of Love movement.

The coercive measures of the United States, prevent the entry of food and medicines to Cuba, said the Cuban-American professor while recalling that "the blockade seeks to starve and sicken children, the elderly, women and men" on the island.

There is a lack of medicines to treat children with cancer," he warned. There is a lack of pacemakers to extend the lives of heart patients. There is a lack of glasses and supplies for those who are going blind and cannot have cataract surgery". Suffocating the Cuban economy causes pain and death, Lazo stressed.

Earlier, in statements to Prensa Latina, the activist said that "on behalf of Puentes de Amor, he thanked the Cuban authorities and the competent bodies for having extended the extension for free entry to Cuba, the exemption of tariffs for food and medicines, and hygiene utensils".

He commented that this is something positive for the Cuban community; positive also for the country, for our land; it is one of the ways in which bridges of love are built between the Cuban emigrants and their nation.

Among all Cubans inside and outside the island we can do a lot to mitigate the effects of the blockade, to fill the gaps, he concluded.

On March 27, the Cuban Official Gazette published the extension of the dispensation period for these imports until June 30. (Source: Prensa Latina)


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