Humanitarian Actions by Cuban and Argentinean Experts Improve Sanitary Conditions in Remote Argentinean areas

Edited by Juan Leandro
2013-09-30 13:11:24


Buenos Aires, Sep 30 (RHC) .- A bi-national medical team that toured a most remote Argentine area has just completed a humanitarian saga that has solved medical problems and improved the health and living standards of hundreds of low income inhabitants at the Gan Gan area.

The team included Argentine medical doctors just graduated from Cuba’s prestigious International School of Medicine, named after the Chilean hero  Dr. Salvador Allende, a physician himself, as well as Cuban volunteers, said the Cuban doctor, Aleida Guevara.

Aleida is the daughter of Ernesto Che Guevara, one of the heroes of the successful Cuban independence struggle that rid the Caribbean island of the US supported Batista dictatorship.

Aleida Guevara headed the volunteer team that worked in that remote Argentine area and diagnosing and resolved cases of diabetes and hypertension. Many cases of eye cataract were surgically removed by accompanying eye surgeons.

We worked and lived in very difficult conditions, Aleida said.

The zone covered is in Patagonia, a  remote area of flat-lands in Southern-most Argentina, inhabited by bush people.The closest city is Trelew, some 280 miles away.

The medical team was accompanied  by a group of Argentine and Cuban educators who, while the doctors took care of bodily problems, devoted themselves to cultivating literacy availing themselves of the Cuban literacy programme know as “Yes, I can”.

The Cuban-Argentinean Brigade is now proclaiming the Gan Gan area, in the remote southern flatlands, as free of blindness and illiteracy, a victory for the Argentine people and for international solidarity.

Dr. Aleida Guevara, said 22 doctors from Argentine just graduated from the Salvador Allende School of Medicine in Cuba were joined by educators and by other Argentine doctors on vacation from work at Venezuelan jungle areas.

She said, “I am aware of the sacrifices that the Cuban people make to train and educated thousands and thousands of foreign doctors and educators, and it is wonderful seeing them in action fighting disease and ignorance among people whose only crime is to be poor”.


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