CELAC Ministers Discuss Energy Security, Integration

Montego Bay, Jamaica, October 26 (RHC) -- Energy ministers of the Community of Latin America and the Caribbean States (CELAC) convened Friday in the Jamaican city of Montego Bay to discuss energy security and integration in the continent.

Delivering the opening remarks at the regional meeting, Jamaican Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell stressed that energy is still a major concern for all nations in the region, and called for precise collective solutions, policies and initiatives that guarantee an homogeneous and stable energy development.

"This region is blessed with abundant natural resources...However, there exist vast disparities in access, cost and sustainability of natural resources," he added.

He also attached importance to stabilizing the region's energy future with sustainable use of renewable resources.

Latin America and the Caribbean has attracted 6 percent of global renewable energy investment, a 16-billion-U.S. dollar slice of a 268 billion pie, according to the minister.

"This is set to grow, but must be nurtured and facilitated by government policy and initiatives," he said.

The meeting has attracted more than 100 officials from 22 states and representatives from regional organizations.

The minister expressed confidence that the conference will be concluded with an agreement on regional energy security and integration.

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