White House tries to hide climate report with devastating conclusions

Édité par Pavel Jacomino
2018-11-30 16:03:51

White House tries to hide climate report with devastating conclusions.  Photo: Reuters

Washington, November 30 (RHC)-- In the United States, the White House quietly released a major new climate change report that seems to directly contradict its own environmental policies.  The congressionally-mandated study by 300 scientists across 13 federal agencies warns that human-driven climate change threatens to shrink the U.S. economy by as much as ten percent by the end of the century. 

The study details how the consequences of climate change are hitting on several fronts: increasing wildfires, crumbling infrastructure, worsening air quality, failing crops and more frequent disease outbreaks. 

The more-than-1,600-page National Climate Assessment was made public by the White House on Black Friday, causing many to question the timing of its release.  

In other news, in California, the death toll in the state’s deadliest-ever wildfire has risen to 88, with nearly 200 people still reported missing, as firefighters said they’ve finally contained the 150,000-acre Camp Fire.  Their efforts were helped by much-needed rain, but the storms have slowed the work of recovery workers looking for human remains.


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