Climate Denier Kathleen Hartnett White Named White House Environmental Adviser

Édité par Pavel Jacomino
2017-10-20 15:23:32

Kathleen Hartnett White

Washington, October 20 (RHC)-- U.S. President Donald Trump has named former Texas environmental regulator and climate change denier Kathleen Hartnett White as his senior adviser on environmental policy. White served as chair of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality under then-Governor Rick Perry, who’s now Trump’s secretary of energy.

The new environmental advisor has argued that carbon dioxide is harmless and should not be regulated, has described solar and wind power as “unreliable and parasitic,” and has called climate change “a dogma that has little to do with science.”

In a 2014 blog post titled “Energy and Freedom,” Kathleen Hartnett White wrote that coal “dissolved the economic justification for slavery.”


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