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Cuba Denies Liability in Case of Baseball Player's False Passport

Havana, May 16 (Xinhua-RHC), -- The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) has disclaimed any liability associated with the case of baseball outfielder, Alfredo Despaigne, who reportedly used a fake Dominican passport to travel to Mexico and register for the Mexican Baseball League (LMB).

The FCB issued a statement saying the use of fake documents was a flagrant violation of the ethical principles of the organization and that it played no role in the alleged scheme, Granma newspaper reported on Friday.

On May 12, ESPN online reported the Cuban baseball star had committed fraud by using a false passport of Dominican origin to join the Campeche Pirates.

Granma also published a statement by the management of the Campeche Pirates that said "Cuban sports institutions, especially the baseball federation, are absolutely unrelated to the events the media have generated in the Dominican Republic and have been published in relation to the Cuban player."

The statement adds, the Campeche Pirates "will launch a thorough investigation of the events reported by the media and if the outcome proves the crime of forgery has been committed, charges will be brought against those responsible."

International media reported late Thursday that the LMB has temporarily suspended Despaigne until authorities investigate how the player arrived in Mexico.

For over a half century Cuban athletes were barred from playing for foreign professional clubs, but the government of Cuban leader Raul Castro recently rescinded the ban as part of a wider push to introduce social and economic reforms.

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