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Trump's failed puppet show in Venezuela

By Guillermo Alvarado

Evidently frustrated by the failure of its puppet in Venezuela -- the self-proclaimed "president" Juan Guaido -- and by the evident lack of leadership of its 'Man in Caracas,' the administration of Donald Trump is now blaming Cuba for its failed military coup.

Both 'The Donald' and his National Security Advisor John Bolton have threatened Havana with reprisals if if does not "withdraw" military troops from Venezuela and end what the White House deliriously describes as "Cuban military intervention in Venezuela."   In fact, that ridiculous claim, which is nothing but a pure invention by the White House, is seeking to explain to the world the abject failure of the U.S.-supported military coup attempt of Tuesday, April 30th. 

It cannot be stated more clearly: The Donald Trump administration is blatantly lying!  There are no Cuban military troops in Venezuela!

The White House cannot wrap its head around the fact that Cuba, China and Russia have absolutely nothing to do with "propping up" the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro.  The ridiculous coup attempt staged by the puppet Juan Guaido on behalf of Washington was, in fact, in answer to the direct calls by the Trump administration for the Venezuelan military to commit treason and overthrow Maduro.

Some 20 years ago, Comandante Hugo Chavez awakened a feeling of national dignity in the Venezuelan people.  Their Bolivarian Revolution made them feel proud of who they are -- a revolutionary people.

Now, Washington is threatening Cuba with a total blockade if it does not end its support of a free Venezuela.  If 'The Donald' thinks he will strike fear among the Cuban people, he'd better think again.

We would recommend that they review their tapes of the massive march in the Plaza de la Revolucion on Wednesday, May 1st, International Workers' Day -- when hundreds of thousands of Cuban men, women and children came out in support of their Revolution.  They also expressed their unconditional support for the sovereignty of Venezuela and other Latin American nations.

The White House should be reminded that its blockade of Cuba, imposed on our Caribbean island for decades upon decades, has not been able to bend the iron will of the Cuban people.  Cuba stands tall to defend the social, political and economic achievements of the Revolution.

Perhaps Donald Trump -- many times over a millionaire -- is accustomed to buy, sell and do whatever he pleases with the lives and destinies of people around the world.  But he'd better think again when it comes to Cuba.



Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
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