Constitutional fight

As of next July 5, when its work ends and the Chilean Constitutional Commission is dissolved, a two-month period of arduous struggle begins in the field to ensure that the text of the new Magna Carta is approved in the September 4 plebiscite.... More

Cuba in support of safe migration

Cuba has always stood for safe, orderly and regular migration. However, the hostile and irresponsible policy of the United States against our country in migratory matters has encouraged human trafficking operations, organized by unscrupulous elements residing in the neighboring country.... More

Deadly frontier

At least 37 people were killed during a massive attempt to jump the fence surrounding the Spanish enclave of Melilla, located in North Africa bordering Morocco, in one of the most ruthless acts perpetrated this year against migrants there.... More

Cuba has always made clear its commitment to international peace and security. Latin America and the Caribbean was declared a Zone of Peace in Havana in 2014 under its pro tempore presidency of CELAC, Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.... More

Throwing it into reverse

Not many hours had passed since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned measures against carrying guns in public, when the highest court of that country lashed out against the right enshrined in the Constitution to voluntary interruption of pregnancy.... More

Every June 27th we celebrate the International Day of Deaf-blind people who, in many nations of the world, see their lives limited, not having adequate multi-sectoral support. They are therefore more likely to be mired in poverty, without access to education, health and employment.... More

Old conflict

The government of Argentina again demanded this week before the UN Decolonization Committee that sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, as well as other island territories in the South Atlantic, which have been under illegal occupation by the United Kingdom since the 19th century, be returned to its country.... More

Drug consumption is a public health problem worldwide because it leads, experts warn, to an increase in health care costs as it is associated with injuries and dozens of diseases.... More

Fluid and at the highest level is the political dialogue between Cuba and Russia, which also maintain excellent economic, trade and cooperation relations, which both sides are interested in expanding and consolidating.... More

Equal justice?

The U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the country, dealt a devastating blow to the hopes of those who aspire to greater control over the purchase and carrying of firearms, which cause tens of thousands of deaths and injuries every year.... More

The great challenge

Practically all analysts agree that if it was difficult for Gustavo Petro to win the presidency of Colombia, it will be even more difficult to implement his work plan in a very polarized country, where violence and poverty punish the majority of the population and peace is still an illusion.... More

The Caribbean meets again in Santiago de Cuba. After two years of forced pause due to COVID-19, business people from the region will show their products and services in the eastern Cuban city, in addition to exchanging with their counterparts from the archipelago. ... More

Throw out the president?

The main indigenous and peasant organizations of Ecuador maintain for the second week the national strike, decreed to demand from the government of President Guillermo Lasso measures aimed at addressing the critical economic situation experienced by the population due to the excessive increase in prices.... More

Sustainable, sovereign and resilient food systems is the goal of agroecology, which experts qualify as a science that facilitates the transformation towards a new model of agriculture.... More

In the most critical stage of COVID-19 in the United States, under the administration of then President Donald Trump, several U.S. sectors demanded collaboration with Cuba to confront the virus, given the positive performance of the Caribbean nation and the ravages caused by the disease in the United States.... More