It has been one year since Guillermo Lasso became president of Ecuador and the opinion about his administration is not very favorable among a great part of the country's citizens.... More

Cuba's Civil Defense was strengthened over the weekend with the realization of training exercises to outline responses to disaster situations, of any origin, and even to finalize preventive possibilities.... More

Another concern

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued an alert on a possible outbreak of the disease known as "Monkeypox", after several cases were detected in countries of different continents, most of them in Europe.... More

High tension

Tomorrow, Sunday, the closing ceremonies of the presidential candidates' campaigns will take place in Colombia, just a week before the most tense voting in memory in more than half a century, and which could be the beginning of structural transformations in that nation.... More

Experts predict an active cyclonic season that extends from June 1 to November 30. In view of this perspective, Cuba is preparing to minimize possible human losses and material damages.... More

Money and politics

Incredible as it may seem in the United States, the richest country and the first military power on the planet, these days millions of families are living in anguish due to the absence on the shelves of a basic food -- the milk formula intended for the nutrition of babies.... More

Only those who have or support imperialist pretensions over Cuba see a reason to celebrate May 20 as the day of our independence. They manipulate history, distort the truth of that date and offend our independence heroes, those who dedicated their lives for the true freedom and sovereignty of our land.... More

The global security proposal launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping last month generates interest in several latitudes and confirms the Asian giant's desire for peace.... More

Return to Somalia

The U.S. government announced the permanent return of a group of military personnel to Somalia, under the pretext of contributing with the authorities of that African country to fight extremist groups, as well as guaranteeing stability in an area plunged into chaos and plagued by hunger.... More

Chile already has the draft of what should be the new Constitution of the country, replacing the one in force until now, questioned for endorsing a State of inequality, as a legacy of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.... More

An essential man

In times of confrontations, economic and social inequalities, sanitary emergency and environmental crisis, it becomes more and more necessary to turn to the ideology of an exceptional Cuban as the National Hero José Martí, who was killed in combat in eastern Cuba, in Dos Ríos -- 127 years ago.... More

The inauguration in Iran of a production plant for the PastoCorona vaccine, as a result of the technological transfer of the Cuban immunogen Soberana 02, illustrates the wide possibilities of cooperation between Havana and Tehran. ... More

Farewell to peace?

Rarely in its history has humanity known such a frenetic race towards war, a kind of hysteria for the expansion and consolidation of military structures, as the one we are seeing these days after the conflict in Eastern Europe.... More

Brazil is one of the countries in the world most affected by COVID-19.  Since the appearance of the disease caused by the new coronavirus, the management of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro has been widely questioned.... More

The U.S. State Department haa issued a statement announcing the relaxation of some of the measures that tighten the blockade against Cuba, which were dictated during the administration of former President Donald Trump with the aim of suffocating the Caribbean nation.... More