Havana has been immersed for weeks in an intense transforming activity. To the usual noises of numerous communities have been added others to the satisfaction of its residents.... More

Old truths 

That public investment and primary health care form part of the pillars of the development of peoples, both in terms of the economy and in social welfare and tranquility, are well-known principles that bear fruit wherever they are put into practice.... More

Great options for cooperation

Concrete proposals to increase cooperation, in the face of an increasingly unfair International economic order and the adoption of coercive measures, brought Cuba to the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, made up of the heads of state and government of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan as members, and Moldova and Uzbekistan as observers.... More

Notes for an agenda (IX)

An endless period of wars throughout the 19th century allowed the United States to consolidate its power, expand its territory and dedicate the next century to imposing its hegemony on the continent and the world, with its army as its spearhead and a legion of unscrupulous traders.... More

The Colombian government's conspiracy to impede the progress of the peace agreement with one of the guerrilla movements and the violation of the human rights of protesters and social activists, didn't prevent the strengthening of the relationship with the United States.... More

Cuba and Russia reviewed in Havana the state of their economic, trade, financial and cooperation ties, which both sides describe as fruitful, excellent and strategic.... More

Europe: What's with the fences!

Europe is NOT abandoning the old habit of overprotection of borders, with all kinds of fences, in order to protect itself from the arrival of migrants from the impoverished South.... More

Permanece Kristalina

After several weeks of doubts, debates and speculations, the executive board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved the permanence of the Bulgarian economist Kristalina Georgieva, whose professional integrity was questioned, as head of that entity.... More

Warm farewells are taking place these days in some Cuban provinces with decreasing cases of COVID-19 after acute outbreaks, as the inhabitants say goodbye, grateful, to the reinforcement doctors who attended them.... More

The children of Darien

The jungle area that separates Colombia from Panama, known as the Darien Gap, is about 70,000 hectares in size and is populated by a great diversity of flora and fauna that includes very dangerous animals, such as poisonous snakes, medium-sized felines and other wild species.... More

As time grows short for November's general elections in Honduras, fears are growing that violence will increase in a nation with high levels of citizen dissatisfaction, cases of corruption and allegations of links between politicians and drug traffickers.... More

Wearing masks and protected from the intense autumn sun in October, Cuban vegueros plant tobacco stalks, a bulwark of the economy, today punished by COVID-19 and the U.S. blockade of the island.... More

In Belgrade, capital of Serbia, a summit is taking place commemorating the 60th anniversary of the emergence of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), an essential movement in an increasingly dangerous international scenario, in which peace and stability are threatened and an unjust economic order prevails.... More

Saving Life

With less than three weeks to go before the start of the Climate Change Summit in Glasgow, United Kingdom, numerous social organizations, environmental defenders and citizen movements are demanding greater commitments from governments to save life on the planet.... More

Growing crisis

In one of the largest anti-immigrant operations carried out in recent times, Mexican authorities discovered a group of more than 650 people, many of them minors, traveling hidden in six refrigerated containers.... More