Brasilia, March 8 (RHC)-- More than 11 million people have been infected with the coronavirus in Brazil since the confirmation of the first case of COVID-19 in the country on February 26, 2020.  According to figures from the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours 80,508 new cases and 1,086 deaths associated with the coronavirus were registered.... More

Managua, March 8 (RHC)-- Nicaragua received this Sunday a donation of 200,000 doses of Covishield vaccines from India to reinforce the vaccination program against COVID-19 that the country began last week with the application of the Russian Sputnik V.... More

Ramallah, March 8 (RHC)-- Thirty-five female Palestinian prisoners are currently behind Israeli bars, a local NGO has announced on International Women’s Day, noting that eleven of the prisoners are mothers.... More

La Paz, March 8 (RHC)-- The head of campaign for the Movement Towards Socialism - Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS-IPSP) and former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, thanked the people this Sunday for their support to the subnational candidacies of the political organization after the results of the exit polls.... More

La Paz, March 7 (RHC)-- The president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Bolivia, Salvador Romero, affirmed that the regional elections took place normally in most of the country, with the exception of the rural area of Colpa Bélgica where voting records were burned.... More

Minneapolis, March 7 (RHC)-- Protesters have staged a rally in front of the Minnesota governor's mansion to demand justice days before a former Minneapolis officer goes on trial in the death of African American George Floyd.... More

La Paz, March 7 (RHC)-- The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, lashed out against the Organization of American States (OAS), in the middle of this Sunday's election day, due to its role in the 2019 elections, which resulted in a coup d'état against Evo Morales.... More

La Paz, March 7 (RHC)-- The absence of electoral jurors in several of the polling stations was a trend that was registered at the beginning of the opening of the subnational elections in several cities of Bolivia, but it has been a problem that was solved during the course of the day.  ... More

Bogota, March 7 (RHC)-- A new massacre in Colombia registered in the last hours of Saturday in the department of Norte de Santander has left at least five people dead and six wounded.... More

Gaza City, March 7 (RHC)-- Three Palestinian fishermen have been killed in a blast off the coast of Gaza, local media and the head of Gaza’s fishermen syndicate said.... More

Caracas, March 7 (RHC)-- Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has called on the government of the United Kingdom not meddle in the internal affairs of his nation.  "The UK must respect the UN Charter and stop interfering in Venezuela's internal affairs," Arreaza stated through his official Twitter account.... More

Jerusalem, March 7 (RHC)-- Protesters against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the 37th consecutive week have been violently attacked, according to Israeli media.  The protesters held rallies outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem al-Quds, in front of Netanyahu’s private residence in Caesarea and at dozens of highway intersections and bridges around the occupied territories.... More

Los Angeles, March 7 (RHC)-- Amanda Gorman, an African American poet who won wide acclaim for her poem at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, says she was “tailed” and harassed by a security guard.... More

Santiago de Chile, March 7 (RHC)-- The Coordinadora Feminista 8M of Chile has confirmed this Saturday through its official account on the social network Twitter the call for a general strike for next March 8, in commemoration of International Women's Day and to hold a demonstration against "macho and patriarchal violence"... More

Washington, March 7 (RHC)-- The head of the U.S. multinational pharmaceutical company Pfizer has cancelled his scheduled visit to Israel so the trip could coincide with the regime’s upcoming elections.... More