Buenos Aires, March 4 (RHC)-- The Argentinian government of President Javier Milei, after announcing the closure of the news agency, Télam, proceeded early Monday morning to disable the website while the building where the newsroom operates was fenced off.... More

Berlin, March 4 (RHC)-- German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday said he hoped the British court system would protect Julian Assange, founder of the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, from being extradited to the United States.... More

Gaza City, March 4 (RHC)-- Health officials in Gaza say at least 16 children have died in recent days from starvation and dehydration as Israel’s assault on Gaza continues.  UNICEF is warning the number of child deaths will likely “rapidly increase” unless the war ends.  ... More

Ramallah, March 4 (RHC)-- Palestinian factions have called for a global campaign at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan to support the Palestinians as the Israeli regime continues its brutal war against the Gaza Strip.  ... More

Port-au-Prince, March 4 (RHC)-- Haiti has declared a 72-hour state of emergency after armed groups stormed two of the country’s largest prisons, freeing as many as 4,000 inmates.... More

Washington, March 4 (RHC)-- Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has said that the United States cannot continue funding Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's war machine as it presses ahead with its horrific genocide of the Palestinians trapped in the besieged Gaza Strip.... More

Gaza City, March 4 (RHC)-- The government in the Gaza Strip has dismissed a decision by the United States to airdrop humanitarian aid into the besieged territory, saying the theatrical and ineffective move cannot offset Israeli restrictions on the transfer of food into Gaza via land crossings.... More

Tehran, March 4 (RHC)-- Iraqi resistance forces have carried out a drone strike against the largest and busiest port in the Palestinian territories controlled by Israel since 1948 in a new show of solidarity with the Palestinians under Israeli attack in Gaza.... More

Rafah, March 3 (RHC)-- Israeli forces have bombed a residential building in the city of Rafah in southern Gaza, according to a witness and media reports, killing at least 14 Palestinians and burying many others under the rubble.... More

Geneva, March 3 (RHC)-- The European-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has confirmed that Israeli tanks deliberately ran over dozens of Palestinians in separate incidents across the besieged Gaza Strip.... More

Deir Al-Balah, March 3 (RHC)-- Israeli regime forces have bombed another aid truck in central Gaza, killing and injuring scores of Palestinians in Deir Al-Balah in the besieged strip.  Thousands of starving people were collecting food from the aid truck on Sunday when the Israeli forces attacked the Palestinians.   This is the second attack by the Israeli regime forces in the last five days on displaced Palestinians awaiting food aid in the besieged Gaza Strip.... More

Gaza City, March 3 (RHC)-- The humanitarian situation in Gaza remains catastrophic as authorities say several children have died of malnutrition in recent days in the besieged territory.  In a statement released on Sunday, the health ministry in Gaza said that at least 15 children had died over the past few days from malnutrition and dehydration at Gaza's Kamal Adwan hospital.... More

Brussels, March 3 (RHC)-- Europe risks any credibility to speak on Russia’s actions in Ukraine if it remained silent on Gaza, according to a Belgian member of parliament, who is among the more than 200 lawmakers who have signed a letter calling for an arms embargo on Israel.... More

Beirut, March 3 (RHC)-- Lebanon has warned Israel against launching a military offensive against the country, stressing that any such measure would “not be a walk in the park” for the Tel Aviv regime and would spill over into a regional conflict.... More

Brussels, March 3 (RHC)-- The European Union raps a recent "unjustifiable" attack by the Israeli occupation forces on Palestinian civilians seeking food aid in the besieged Gaza Strip, calling for an international probe into the deadly incident.... More