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Afghanistan Invasion and Occupation Proved Failure

After months of discussions with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, President Obama has announced his plans to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan but reduce them from the current 9,800 to 5,500 before he leaves office in early 2017, essentially abandoning the commitment he made early in his presidency and during the 2008 campaign to bring the war in Afghanistan to an end. Obama cites the deterioration of security and weakness of Afghan forces as the reason for keeping the troops in Afghanistan. Here is what he had to say.

“The bottom line is in key areas of the country the security situation is still very fragile. And in some places there's risk of deterioration. Fortunately in President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah there is a national unity government that supports a strong partnership with the United States. During their visit earlier this year President Ghani and I agreed to continue our counterterrorism cooperation. And he has asked for continued support as Afghan forces grow stronger.”

The announcement comes weeks after the U.S. resumed bombing in Afghanistan, where on October 3 the United States Air Force AC-130 gunship attacked Medecins Sans Frontieres' hospital in Kunduz, killing 22 people, injuring 30, and 33 remain missing.

Let’s face it. President Obama’s announcement is an extraordinary admission of what most serious analysts know of the situation, which is that more than a decade and a half after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 nothing has improved. None of the objectives have been met, and in fact the situation is worse. The invasion and occupation has been a failure. While the U.S. and NATO want to wash their hands of the larger mess that's been created, they can't allow it completely to go to those forces that are going to be hostile to both the Afghan government and to larger U.S.-NATO interests in the region.

President Obama says that the US had to be in Afghanistan to prevent Al-Qaeda from doing anything harmful there or against America. But Al-Qaeda was insignificant there then. And it is even moreso now. This continues to be an incredible bogeyman used to deflect attention away from the real resistance that emerged right away to foreign occupation in Afghanistan. That came largely under the banner of the Taliban that became an umbrella group for various resistance forces in Afghanistan. And of course now there is the added dimension of a far greater terrorist threat, in the form of ISIS.

It’s scandalous. Targeting the Doctors Without Borders hospital is just the tip of the iceberg. This sort of thing has happened routinely throughout a decade and a half of this occupation. All sorts of war crimes, drone attacks, special forces, invasions into homes that have humiliated the population. Add to that the puppet regime, first of Hamid Karzai that was parachuted into Kabul and the corruption, the arrogance and incompetence of that regime, which simply siphoned off billions of dollars to its cronies and its allied warlords.

The Afghani population did not take too kindly to this. And so that's why so many grievances have emerged that provide the resistance force that has emerged against the occupation and the government in Kabul.

Obama went on to say: “I believe this mission is vital to our national security interests and preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and our nation.

This is ridiculous. In fact it has been this aggressive, incompetent, humiliating occupation which has increased the likelihood of a greater security threat to the United States.

The emergence of ISIS has been precipitated by the type of social conditions created by the wars and occupation, not just in Afghanistan but in Iraq as well and what's been going on in Syria.

It is disingenuous for the U.S. administration to cite the emergence of such forces that present a threat when in fact it's their policies that create the conditions for the radicalization of people who see nothing but despair and deeply repressive and violent policies being applied in their own backyards.

Edited by Ivan Martínez
Bozie say:

The state of relations is one such study that deserves to be widely read by Politicians, Journalist, Religious leaders and academics, making a study worldwide and in the United Nations, the core sentiments and agreements signed needs to be better understood, if the Arab Muslim world, the African nations and the western nations hopes to reverse the cycle of hate and destruction that plague so many nation today. Washington interfere in other people’s internal affair to gain control, but wouldn’t take care of its own, this first world country has the lowest ratings indicators of social development and welfare among developed nations. According to the latest figures by the United States Census Bureau, these figures suggest that one in three Americans is living in poverty. Americans remain rightly skeptical of their government's ability to adequately oversee efforts especially in foreign affairs, it seems like straight up propaganda, yet the government argues for the continuation of complete secrecy surrounding its reported assassination program. Displacement activity is occurring in the continent and the Arab world in the name of terror, and is design to avoid facing up to the real cause of so much migration, which is the breakdown of family life today. Washington is not concern with true facts, the whole campaign of drone strikes has never been debated publicly by Congress, because technically it remains a secret. The US foreign policy is feeding hate, fuelling terror and violating international laws which the U.S. remains deeply unpopular in nations such as Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Pakistan. Covert operations are nothing new in Washington’s portfolio, but in recent decades it have moved from a permanent attitude, to the cutting edge of American’s betrayal, that the rest of the world would attest too. Politicians in the U.S. with party credentials is in pursuit of their own careers, remain totally unscrupulous even with party politics, it’s not what they fail to restrain but what they authorize. Today, the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) pursue suspected terrorists with deadly force in Afghanistan as well as in a number of countries that is not at war with the US, notably Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Americans are dismay cause by shifted of economic opportunity from the many to the few. Ordinary Americans from all walks of life are deeply fearful of the ability to find work or live decent lives to sustained and grow, has to fight against the power of Wall Street, corporate America and corruption.

Boyzie say:

WHEN IS A TERRORIST NOT A TERRORIST How is the people of Iraq supposed to compromise for all the Federal agents who illegally detain, interrogate and torture lives lost, homes, livestock and infrastructure damage? When the Bush and Chaney’s administration is just being criticized, the Tony Blair’s and several others are likely to face criticism as well, including foreign secretary Jack Straw, Sir Richard Dearlove, head of MI6, Sir John Scarlett, chairman of the joint intelligence committee, Geoff Hoon, defense secretary, and Clare Short, international development secretary, they was warned of the inevitable bloody aftermath resulting in invading foreign countries and imposing sanctions. Violating international laws, in itself is terror that Washington uses to bring about regime change that they think is long overdue, but if Americans have as much certain facts as they have strong emotions about terrorism, with every such act of terror, then they should concentrate on the Americans killed by other Americans at home. In this society, they live in terror daily, with too much heartbreak in wars, mass killings, gang wars and police brutality. In a country where guns often mean freedom, and that trend isn't likely to change anytime soon. Washington and its allies has nothing to boast about in regard to human rights, but rather set impressive records about their levels of hypocrisy, retribution, selectivity and double standards. America remains untrue to its principals, including in the struggle against terrorism when it appears to abandon its own ideals and objectives, friends abroad are naturally troubled and confused about their decision making. The US arms business has experienced a bonanza, with the help of the State Department, it set a 2011 record of $44.2bn in arms sales to 173 nations (including some that State denounces as human rights violators), 875 million small weapons such as revolvers, assault rifles and sub-machine guns is in circulation, according to the Small Arms Survey. An estimated 300,000 people die in violent conflict each year 90 % of whom are killed by small arms fire, according to the UN. The US sold $3.4bn in arms between 2000 and 2010 by countries subject to arms embargoes. It cost the US $400bn in armed violence worldwide each year, according to the UN. /US$17bn: is the cost of conflicts fueled by imported weapons in Africa in 2007 almost the same as they received in foreign aid. Nuclear weapon modernization is likely to serve as a substantial encouragement to nuclear proliferation and to equally deploy the latest technological predator, as superpowers with the perception of vulnerability deem it necessary to develop their own deterrent capabilities. War should be declared on the threats to humanity, AIDS, Racism and worthless free market profiting (born out of the Washington Immutable Consensus) and Washington Democracy of Domination. The only way the U.S. could move forward is to look back. All over the world times are changing, not only brought out stemming from the Arab spring, example South Africa's apartheid, information will be accessible to everyone across the globe, if Washington continues to believe they are in charge of the world, others would educate themselves and have their own opinion, and will be branded as radical and terrorist despite of what their government thinks. Part of the wider tragedy and the deed of the great superpower, is they remain perpetually bound together in this tale of unbelievably wasteful death and suffering, with no conclusions, probably no meaning, and, most frightening of all a decade later, perhaps no end.

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