Cuba will receive Obama with hospitality and with our dignity intact

Cuba remains in the very center of worldwide interest following the announcement that the President of the United States Barak Obama will visit Havana on March twenty first and twenty second  next.

The US Chief Executive will be received in Havana with the usual hospitality shown by the Cuban people, who maintain intact their dignity and independence after many decades heroically resisting the hostility of the strongest military power in the world.

The news swiftly swept around the world and became front page headlines. The press is reporting that President Obama will be the first US Chief Executive to visit the  largest Caribbean archipielago.

According to President Obama’s Advisor Ben Rhodes, this visit will  help turn irreversible the process of normalization of relations between the two countries, begun on seventeen December of two thousand and fourteen.

There still will be important difficulties to face and overcome. The first one is the lifting of the economic, comercial and financial US blockade of Cuba, which has become the strongest and longest such intensely hostile measure by an enormous power against a small nation in the history of humankind.

Even though President Obama does not have the power to completely eliminate that aggressive policy, he has the executive capacity to drain from it any content and turn it into a worthless refuse of the cold war until there is a Congress lucid enough to  drop it into the bad remembrances bucket.

Also, the President must return to their rightful owners, the people of Cuba, the territory occupied by military force in the Eastern Cuban province of Guantanamo, an enclave where the most elementary international juridical norms and the provisions of humanitarian rights are systematically violated.

Washington must also abandon its ages old attempts to change the government in Cuba and finally admit, once and for all, that the Cuban people has the sovereign right to choose the social, political and economic system that it wishes and fits its interests and desires.

It is also a matter of justice that an adecuate compensation be paid for over half a century of  financial disarray, armed aggressions, terrorist activities and widespread damages to the economy, which have left a huge trail of deaths, injured and wholly unnecessary suffering.

Despite all those differenes, Cuba will receive Barak Obama with hospitality and is ready to discuss with him any subject, because it has enough moral authority to do so  and has  nothing to hide or to be ashamed of, something that our Northern neighbor cannot boast at all.

We deem convenient to recall, once more, that neither this announced visit, nor the restoration of diplomatic relations are gracious gifts. Indeed, they are the concrete result of the courage, generosity and heroic resistance of the people of Cuba, who have earned world wide recognition and an outstanding place among all nations of the world, even those that do not understand or accept the socialist model under construction here, as President Raul Castro said, without any rush nor with any pause.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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