Death toll from tsunami in Indonesia rises to 430

Death toll from tsunami in Indonesia rises to 430.  Photo: AP FILE

Jakarta, December 27 (RHC)-- In Indonesia, the desperate search continues for survivors of a tsunami which struck parts of western Indonesia.  The death toll from the devastating tidal wave has now risen to at least 430.  

Over the weekend, a massive wall of water suddenly emerged from the ocean and swept rapidly across coastal areas of western Java and southern Sumatra.  Hundreds were swept out to sea as homes, hotels and businesses were destroyed. 

According to official reports in Indonesia, 1,495 people have been injured, 159 people are still missing, and 21,991 are evacuees.  The losses and damage to buildings data is still being collected.”

The tsunami did not follow a major earthquake, and therefore did not trigger Indonesia’s early warning system; instead, it resulted from an eruption and underwater landslide at the Krakatoa volcano.  Authorities have warned of more potential tsunamis and ordered coastal residents to evacuate for higher ground.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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