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Over 500,000 Bolivians attend Evo Morales' closing campaign rally

Supporters of Evo Morales at closing campaign rally in Yacuiba.  (Photo: teleSUR)

Supporters of Evo Morales at closing campaign rally in Yacuiba.  (Photo: teleSUR)

La Paz, October 16 (RHC)-- Over half a million Bolivians attended the closing of the presidential campaign of Evo Morales in Santa Cruz, where the Movement for Socialism (MAS) candidate was hosting his event.

“We will never forget this rally.  Santa Cruz is a working, democratic and peaceful people.  Those who seek violence are enemies of democracy.  The people's conscience always triumphs over intolerance," Evo said.  The MAS leader recalled that on a campaign day like today's but 13 years ago, the media reported that half of Bolivians ate less than they should and country's infant mortality was the highest in the region.

"Neoliberals gave our natural resources away and impoverished our people.  Such is the mentality of right-wing politicians who now ask for your vote," he added.
This coming Sunday, October 20th, is election day in Bolivia and Evo tops preferences with a sweeping difference.  His triumph will be a fact and Evo told the right-wingers, represented by the stale bourgeoisie, that the evidence [of his victory] is there and will be presented to the observers.

For his part, Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera highlighted the massive presence of the Bolivian people in the MAS political act, despite the fact that the Union Cruceñista clash groups, which are related to the far-right opposition, threatened the people while entering the gathering place.

“We are from the culture of voting. We are not from the culture of beating,” Garcia Linera said and added the unity of the Bolivian people will be reflected in a blunt victory which will ensure compliance with the 2025 Patriotic Agenda.

The lawmaker candidate Adriana Salvatierra highlighted the presence of people from all social groups in the act of support for Evo.  "Here are the young people who today can access free health care and have a secure future," Salvatierra said and stressed that Santa Cruz has now a HUB and electric power.

On Sunday, the Andean nation is called to elect a president, vice president, 352 national authorities, 36 senators and 130 deputies.  According to the latest poll published by Ipsos Bolivia on October 13, candidate Morales has more than 40 percent of the citizen preferences, followed by candidate Carlos Mesa with the 22 percent, and candidate Oscar Ortiz with 10 percent.

In order to win in the first round, any candidate must achieve either more than 50 percent of valid votes or a minimum of 40 percent with a ten-point-difference over the second most voted candidate. If this does not happen, the two candidates with the highest vote will go to a second round.

The MAS leader, who has been Bolivia’s President since 2006, seeks to be re-elected for his fourth consecutive term.

Edited by Ed Newman
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