Three Afghan Prisoners Launch Hunger-Strike Over Continued Imprisonment

Kabul, January 28 (RHC)-- In Afghanistan, three prisoners who were formerly held at the secretive U.S. Bagram military prison and are now being held in Afghan custody have launched a hunger strike to protest their continued imprisonment.

Two of the three prisoners, brothers Sa’id Jamaluddin and Abdul Fatah, were captured by U.S. forces during a military raid in 2008 and were sent to the Bagram prison.

In 2010, the U.S. military found the brothers posed no risk to the U.S. The brothers were transferred to Afghan custody in December 2014, as the U.S. moved to close its military prisons in Afghanistan. Two months later, an Afghan court ruled that they were entitled to release, but they remain in custody to this day.

An Afghan court has also ruled that the third hunger-striking prisoner, Musa Akhmadjanov, is not guilty of any crime under Afghan law and is also entitled to release, yet he too remains imprisoned.

Edited by Ed Newman


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