Bolivia Launches Anti-H1N1 Campaign Facing Swine Flu Outbreak

La Paz, June 28 (RHC)-- Bolivia has launched a campaign against the H1N1 virus after a surge of cases in 2016.  Prensa Latina reports that the South American nation's Ministry of Health is set to deploy more than 4,000 brigades to strengthen a vaccination campaign against the H1N1 influenza during the first three days of July.

Health Minister Ariana Campero said they are looking to ensure that needs are met in every neighborhood, and especially among those that belong to risk groups such as pregnant women, children under two years of age, the elderly and those with health problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Campero is calling on the population to collaborate with the brigade and take other preventive measures such as washing hands and eating healthy to boost the immune system.  Mobile teams will visit every house in the country to offer vaccinations and will also set up in squares, markets and other public places.

To date, 18 people gave died from H1N1 in Bolivia and more than one million cases of acute respiratory infections have been recorded.

Vaccination campaigns are also being pursued elsewhere in Latin America.  According to local media reports, the Ecuadorean Ministry of Health (MSP) has confirmed a total of 527 cases of the virus. A vaccination campaign to combat deadly flu viruses, including H1N1, was launched in early June, with the health ministry acquiring 300,000 doses to be distributed at medical centers throughout the country.  At least 60 people have died from swine flu so far this year.

In Brazil, 2016 has been the worst year since the 2009 pandemic of the virus, where 1,003 have already died from H1N1, with 122 deaths reported in just the past week.

In Mexico, there were 9,164 cases and 524 deaths in the current flu season, the Ministry of Health announced back in April.

Panama and Peru have also issued health alerts, with the former having seen 12 deaths in recent weeks and the latter six deaths in the south of the country.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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