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A World Apart

The scandal provoked by the emergency of the so-called “Paradise Papers”, a re-edition of the already known Panama Papers, has reafirmed the idea that the richest of the rich in our planet have created a separate environment, where they manage their finances at will and without any supervision or inteference, divorced from the financial and juridical stipulations of the States' and from International Law.

Even though the excuse proferred by the superrich is that their money is kept at and financial operations are conducted within fiscal paradises, located in the four corners of world, an operation that is not illegal, it would be ingenous to believe such an excuse, which some high ranking public officials have already made their own as they come out publicly in support of the richest of the rich who are openly fleecing the tax systems and finances of many countries. All this is mere financial cavorting.

One such mouthpiece is Mexico's Finance and Public Credit Secretary, José Antonio Meade, who claimed that the moneys disbursed by the Paradise sites had already been disclosed and taxes paid on them.

The first question arising from such statements is that if they are legally stashed sums of money, what is the sense of hiding them in fiscal paradises, where the monetary transactions are conveniently hidden from the public eye. Who would be foolish enough to hide clean money in a vault reeking of offensive illegalities.

As everyone knows, a fiscal paradise is a place where multimillionaries are able to organize enterprises, hide their legal identities, do business abroad and stash enormous sums of money and valuables without explanation and supervision. Absolute secrecy is the cornerstone of the fiscal paradise system, which also conveniently offers managerial services of offshore companies, all of them organized and conducted through huge stashes of illegal money. There is no posibility that foreign inspections or controls be exercised in these fiscal paradises.

US Senator Bernie Sanders, former Presidential candidate, said that the Paradise papers and the Paradise sites show how multimillionaries and corrupt enterprises become richer by the day through the process of hiding their illegal transactions and incomes and avoiding pay taxes on their enormous profits.

Senator Sanders added that the most important issue in our times is the rapid deployment of an international oligarchy. through which a handful of ultramillionaires own and control most of the global economy.

Thanks to the architecture of the fiscal paradises, huge companies such as Nike and Apple cut their taxes by billions of dollars by moving capitals from one place to another.

They live in a world apart, where money is the keyword and whoever has the money sets the rules of the game.


Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
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