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With his tail between his legs

This was not the topic scheduled for this Friday’s commentary, but the news that U.S. President Donald Trump, feeling overwhelmed by criticism and the harsh reality of his country, had to order the withdrawal of federal forces from the city of Portland, Oregon, deserves attention and analysis.

These agents, a select group that includes custom officials, border protection and the migration agency were sent to Portland ​to repress thousands of people who have fought against racism and police brutality for more than two months.

According to Oregon Governor Kate Brown, local authorities did not request their presence, and still acted as an occupying force, not accountable to anything or anyone and even increased the levels of violence and social unrest in that state.

Undeterred, the people responded night after night with sticks, bottles and fireworks to the kidnappings, rubber bullets and the use of toxic gases by these agents.

When asked why Trump decided that a prompt escape was a wiser decision than his stubbornness to present himself as a "law and order" figure, the answer is the upcoming presidential elections.

It must not have been easy for the controversial president to bow his head and leave with the tail between his legs.  However, he dared to declare in his final bluster, that without the feds Portland would have been burned down by protesters.  Trump also threatened to return if the governor and the mayor were unable to find a way to control the situation.

Governor Brown replied that the Black Lives Matter movement had generated in Oregon and in the rest of the country a historical uprising that claims for the rights of the African American community and holds police accountable for their actions.

This new episode is added to a series of setbacks that Trump has experienced in recent weeks and shows that his arrogance is not invincible, in spite of what he intends to portray.

Almost three months before the elections and the president has had difficulties to stand upright. Next week, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden will reveal the identity of his partner in the upcoming contest.

He once promised it would be a woman, and the press is considering the names of three women of African descent -- Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor; Val Demings, U.S. representative for Florida; and Karen Bass, from California.  They are joined by Senator Kamala Harris, whose parents are from Jamaica and India, and Elizabeth Warren.

We will provide a more profound analysis in future commentaries.


Edited by Ed Newman
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