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Declaration by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba on Migration

Cuba has reaffirmed its support of a legal, orderly and secure migration, as well as its respect for the right of its citizens to leave and return to their country, according to current international standards.

A declaration by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba refers to the complex situation created by the arrival in Costa Rica of increasing numbers of Cuban citizens that traveled there from several countries, with the intention of reaching the United States through unconventional means, exploited by international gangs that traffic in people, and crossing at least seven international borders without proper documentation.

Exercising its sovereign rights and in accordance with its own laws, Nicaragua decided to prevent the violation of its territory by these travelers, who now number over three thousand, and are currently stuck on the Costa Rican side of the border.

Since the first moments of this incident, Cuba has been in touch with the concerned nations and attended a meeting of the Central American Integration System, held in El Salvador on November 24th, where this situation was examined.

At the bottom of this issue lies the criminal Cuban Adjustment Act and its “dry feet-wet feet” policy, enforced by the United States, which gives Cubans guarantees not applicable to any other citizen in the world and whose aim is to stimulate the clandestine emigration of highly-trained Cuban professionals, not taking into consideration the ways and means, however illegal and dangerous that may be.

By carrying out this procedure, the United States is violating its own laws, as well as those of Cuba and of several other nations, while creating conditions for the expansion of the mafias involved in the inhumane trafficking of human beings, which often involve children.

The cynical nature of this policy is shown by the fact that U.S. authorities have intensified the search, capture and deportation of migrants from other Latin American nations and have encouraged similar procedures in other neighboring states, such as Mexico.

The only real solution to the plight of the more than three thousand Cubans stuck on the Costa Rican/Nicaraguan border is to abolish the so-called Cuban Adjustment Act and all other policies invented by the United States to punish the Cuban Revolution for its decision to be truly free and independent.


Edited by Ivan Martínez
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