Venezuelan foreign minister denounces U.S. attempts to destroy political dialogue in Barbados

Caracas, July 11 (RHC)-- Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza Wednesday denounced that the U.S. President Donald Trump administration is seeking to "destroy" the negotiations being carried out by President Nicolas Maduro's delegates and the Venezuelan right-wing opposition in Barbados.

"Due to the resounding failure of all forms of aggression against Venezuela, the Trump Administration intends to destroy the political dialogue process between the Government and the opposition, trying to impose its warfare agenda.  They will not be able to do it.  Peace will prevail!," Arreaza tweeted.

This statement was made after a State Department spokesperson told EFE that the U.S. government considers that the Barbados Dialogue should prioritize the exit from power of President Maduro, which Washington considers as a precondition for the call for elections.

Venezuela's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samuel Moncada warned that the Trump administration continues to plan military aggression against the Bolivarian people.

On July 9, six points were established on the agenda of the dialogue held in Barbados between the Bolivarian government and opposition representatives.  This was announced by Nicolas Maduro, who confirmed his willingness to peace.

"Trump prepares the use of force in Venezuela and therefore openly violates international law by imposing preconditions on dialogues between Venezuelans, destabilizing society until it becomes ungovernable is the technique it uses to expand its domination," Moncada tweeted.

On July 8, delegates from the government and the Venezuelan opposition arrived in Barbados to continue with the peace dialogue which began in Norway on May 14, a process whose main purpose is achieving a peaceful solution to the political impasse in the South American country.


Edited by Ed Newman


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