Egyptian Police Attack Student Protesters in Cairo

Cairo, April 30 (RHC)-- Fierce clashes have erupted between Egyptian security forces and students protesting against the military-backed government in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Riot police fired tear gas at protesters who came out after a call by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allied organizations against the military-installed interim authorities. Student leaders accuse security forces of using live ammunition to disperse protesters in the capital’s Nasr City district.

Dozens of students pelted security forces with rocks, some picking up tear gas canisters and throwing them back. Al-Azhar and some other universities have seen almost daily anti-government demonstrations that have frequently turned violent since the military ousted former president, Mohamed Morsi, last year.

The latest rally comes as more Brotherhood members have been given death sentences and lengthy jail terms. The students also called for the release of all the jailed protesters and the dismissal of police guards from universities.

The developments come as protests continue across Egypt against the presidential candidacy of former army chief, Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. He led the overthrow of Morsi, suspended the constitution and dissolved the parliament in July last year. He is also accused of leading a severe crackdown against the supporters of Morsi and the Brotherhood movement. Hundreds of supporters of the group have been killed in clashes with Egypt army over the past few months.

Edited by Juan Leandro


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