Central American Leaders to Meet with US Lawmakers

Washingon, March 17 (teleSUR-RHC) Foreign ministers from Central America's Northern Triangle are meeting with U.S. Lawmakers to garner political support for the Alliance for Prosperity Plan (PAP), which aims to address security, governance and economic challenges in the region in order to reduce migration to the United States.

“We will begin the process of lobbying, the three Northern Triangle countries along with U.S. congressrepresentatives, in a bipartisan way, with Democrats and Republicans,” Salvadoran Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez stated.

The leaders from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are also expected to submit a draft to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden outlining the initial action items that will be carried out under the PAP.

Early March, Biden met with the presidents of these three countries along with representatives of the Inter-American Development Bank, in which the leaders publicly committed to actions that will advance the Plan.

Biden’s visit resulted in various commitments under the Alliance for Prosperity, including plans such as: a regional security dialogue in May and the Northern Triangle countries’ establishing independent government auditing mechanisms to help combat corruption, among other things.

“Foreign Ministers will solidify the details of the plan in Washington along with technical teams from each country in order to outline the actions and financial cost that will be carried out,” Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina stated prior to the visit.

The Northern Triangle countries have stated that they expect U.S. aid to finance as much as 80 percent of the Alliance For Prosperity development plan.

Edited by Ivan Martínez


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