Noboa trusts in what he calls an air of renewal

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-11-26 16:06:19


By Roberto Morejón
Confident in his youth and in what he describes as an air of renewal, the new president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, says he is ready to face gigantic problems in his country, that of citizen insecurity and the hardships of the economy.
Noboa recently assumed the presidency of Ecuador for a year and a half after surprising in the electoral consultation, since he was not supported by traditional political forces.
Precisely, the now Head of State affirms that this is a factor why many voters opted for him.
He assures that in spite of his inexperience in public management and the fact that he is the youngest statesman in local history, he has the advantage of not being pigeonholed in what he points out as old political and ideological paradigms.
However, his political line is a sung voice because he is the son of one of the richest men in Ecuador, persevering candidate to the presidency in 5 occasions, all unsuccessful.
The future trajectory should not deviate from the one assumed by the pro-market and right-wing former president Guillermo Lasso, who did not finish his term of office by triggering the constitutional mechanism known as cross death, dissolving the Assembly and calling for early elections.
Unlike his predecessor, Noboa seems willing to lower the tensions in the volatile national scenario, which has been strained by Lasso's intransigence.
The young dignitary achieved an agreement in the legislature that will facilitate a majority vote to push forward his plans.
Perhaps he did so in view of the dilemmas that await him, among them the violence in a country where Lasso signed a permit to carry arms, despite the confrontation between criminal gangs and drug traffickers.
The new head of state promised jobs and a tough hand against insecurity, amid repeated fratricidal clashes in prisons, assaults in the streets and panic among the population.
Ecuador also faces a serious fiscal deficit, liquidity shortages, poverty of a quarter of the population and high unemployment.
Noboa said that in view of these difficulties, he will send urgent reforms to the Assembly, before which the population, social organizations and opposition parties will be expectant.
The new president of Ecuador must hasten decisions in a short term of office before the foreseeable increase of social discontent unleashed by the criticized administration of Guillermo Lasso.


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