Cuba strives to preserve its traditional social tranquility

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-11-29 09:03:59


Cuba's specialized forces are working tirelessly to prevent criminal behavior.

By Roberto Morejón

Although the material conditions are adverse due essentially to the U.S. blockade, Cuba is working tenaciously to maintain a favorable social atmosphere.
It is appropriate to reiterate this principle in view of official pronouncements in the United States about what they call the need for global precaution due to the increase in tensions.
According to these expressions, Cuba, among other places in the world, is included in the panorama of these tensions.
Hence, in Washington they speak of what they qualify as the potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations or violent actions against their citizens.
Several people reacted with disbelief on social networks about the above, which joins the continued work of Cubans, despite the material hardships, to preserve its main infrastructures, such as tourism.
Although that industry is still trying to recover after the abrupt closure during the Covid-19 pandemic, workers and officials are striving to increase the number of facilities with the Hygienic and Safe Tourism certification.
Turning this Caribbean nation into a viable and safe destination continues to be one of the guidelines to be followed by the authorities.
The largest of the Antilles enjoys political stability and tranquility, Elena Chen, general manager of China's Tumei International Travel Agency, recently reaffirmed.
She pointed out that the hostile U.S. policy undoubtedly affects Cubans, but they, she says, try to create and innovate, especially in tourism.
Unlike other countries, even in the Western Hemisphere, visitors recognize that Cuba is free of drug trafficking, organized crime and criminal gangs.
However, as in any part of the world, there is in Cuba an incessant work of the specialized forces to abort criminal behavior.
An editorial in the local newspaper Granma reported months ago that the forces of the Ministry of the Interior carried out more than 11,000 actions to prevent and combat crime between January and July of this year.
The publication denounced the fabrication from the virtual space of an alleged scenario of instability, distrust and insecurity, attributed, it stressed, to the enemy's subversive plans.
And the editorial pointed out: Cuba's indicators have nothing to do with world behavior or trends in crime and delinquency.


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