Cuban deputies focus on policy in favor of children and young people

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-12-21 16:08:45


By Maria Josefina Arce

In the attention and debates of Cuban deputies in recent days have been issues related to economic and social issues, essential for the advancement of the country and to respond to the needs, both material and spiritual, of all citizens.

Hence, one of the aspects analyzed has been how the implementation of the Integral Policy for Children, Adolescents and Youth, age groups of vital importance for society, is progressing in the Greater of the Antilles.

Approved last July by the current Tenth Legislature of the National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba, this policy reinforces the actions that the revolution has carried out over the years in favor of this population sector.

It is a working instrument for the government, open to the enrichment of proposals and requiring constant monitoring.

Supported by the Constitution of the Republic and the Family Code, endorsed by the people at the polls in September 2022, this policy was shaped based on the opinions of experts, but also of the beneficiaries themselves. Children, adolescents and young people expressed their opinions, concerns and aspirations.

At present, according to what the deputies were informed, work is being done in strategic areas such as the formation of cultural and identity values, recreation, sexual and reproductive health, as well as the use of information and communication technologies.

The law also calls for the preparation of a legal instrument that ensures respect, contemplates the rights of these age groups and takes into account the concept of progressive autonomy in these age groups and the role of families in their formation.

During the debate, the importance of this policy having a particularly strong impact on the communities where children, adolescents and young people live was once again stressed.

It is essential to guarantee the new generations possibilities to develop their capacities and participate in all the processes of society, so it is vital that this strategy be followed up by government agencies, student and political organizations, academic institutions and the business sector.It is undoubtedly a policy of great importance for the present and future of the nation. It is designed and executed to favor the integral development of the youngest, who with their constant participation can contribute to its continuous enrichment.



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