Reversed conflict

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-04-26 08:56:26


By Guillermo Avarado

The complicity of President Joseph Biden's government with the genocide perpetrated by the Zionist State of Israel against the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip is beginning to be reversed on American soil itself, particularly on university campuses.

More and more students from higher education centers are joining in the rejection and condemnation of the brutal extermination of children, women, the elderly and unarmed men in the Middle East, committed with the complacency of the Western powers and the military support of the United States.

At the same time, the repression of the police intensifies, as they attack the young students equipped to go into bloody combat against a cruel and powerful adversary.

These scenes are repeated almost daily in numerous places, as happened recently at the universities of Texas, in Austin; and the South, in California, where dozens of protesters against the Palestinian genocide were injured and many others captured with extreme use of force.

Representatives of civil rights organizations have already expressed their concern about the harshness of the police's actions.

In addition to demanding an end to Israel's attacks against the Strip, the young people ask that their educational centers cut their financial ties with Israel and withdraw investments from companies linked to the Zionist State, which has already caused the death of more than 34 thousand Palestinians. , mostly women and children.

President Biden, who a few hours ago approved a multimillion-dollar fund to arm the Tel Aviv army, justified the aggression of law enforcement against the students with the pretext that they use messages of hate and violence, when in reality they do exactly the opposite .

Violence and hatred are the main Israeli weapons against the Palestinian people, not now, but since 1948, when the UN approved the resolution that gave birth to that State.

The issue is reaching such a level that, in response to the protests at Columbia University, the president of the House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johmson, said that if the demonstrations did not stop, they would ask for the intervention of the National Guard.

From Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with his usual distorted speech, said that “anti-Semitic mobs are taking over Universities,” a twisted argument that seeks to equate two totally different concepts, Judaism, which is a religion, and Zionism. , which is the updated version of German Nazism.


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