New Elections in Germany?

The failure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in forming a new cabinet following last September's elections has led this week to a political crisis that could lead to a solution that has not been seen in Germany in the past seventy years.... More

Colombia Peace Accord in Danger

The Common Alternative Revolutionary Force of Colombia, the political party that replaced the guerrilla force following the signing of the Peace Accord in that South American nation, has denounced the Colombian Government for not following the signed accords and that the Senate and the so-called Constitutional Court have emptied the agreement of any practical meaning.... More

Mexico City has gathered experts attending the so called World Summit of Leaders against Cancer, a gathering where politicians, researchers and medical experts examined that disease charged with taking the lives annually of almost nine million human beings throughout the world.... More

One Year of Risk to Our Lives

On 9 November 2016 the world awoke to the news that magnate Donald Trump had been selected as the forty fifth President of the United States, a fact that opened up a period of uncertainty both within and outside the United States as the realization grew that humanity might explode at any moment and disappear from the planet.... More

A World Apart

The scandal provoked by the emergency of the so-called “Paradise Papers”, a re-edition of the already known Panama Papers, has reafirmed the idea that the richest of the rich in our planet have created a separate environment... More

Rich, Famous and….Tax Evaders

The dark financial wheelings and dealings of aristocrats, magnates, personalities of the arts and sports world, and politicians, among others, were revealed to the world following the publication of thirteen million archives that show how they hide their earnings and how they place their money in fiscal paradises in order to avoid complying with their citizens' duties and pay taxes.... More

A group of independent jurists has declared that members of the Honduran Government, along with a mob paid by a local company, are responsible for the murder of environmentalist Berta Caceres.... More

The decision of the Government of the United States to declasify a small number of documents linked to the murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, in 1963, has served to confirm the synister Washington plans to justify an open military aggression to Cuba.... More

Havana, November 1 (RHC)--Starting at 10 am today, the UN General Assembly Hall will witness what has become a yearly ritual: an overwhelming vote in favor of a resolution demanding the lifting of the economic, financial and commercial blockade the US has imposed on Cuba for nearly 60 years.... More

The concentration of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere, one of the main components of the Earth's Green House effect, last year reached levels not registered for millions of years, when the temperature was two or three degrees centigrade over current levels, according to a report presented just hours ago. ... More

Corruption: Can it be defeated?

The Director of Mexico's Comptroller General's Office, Eduardo Rovelo, has declared that corruption in his country is a structural disease. ... More

The invasion of Cuba at Bay of Pigs in 1961 was a clear demonstration of the use by the United States of genocidal actions of State terrorism, a term seldom used at the time but one that later would became the standard description of operating procedures by US imperialism.... More

Mexico played a special role in the life of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro. In Mexico, he put the finishing touches on the expendition to Cuba where he would wage the final battle for its true independence.... More

Two men of universal stature: one of them the National Hero of Cuba, Jose Marti, and the other the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, both had many things in common, besides their struggle for the independence and sovereignty of their homeland. Each one of them in their own epoch, with their brilliant speeches and cutting edge writings, voiced their concern about the environment.... More

Among the many battles led by Fidel Castro during his life, one of the major ones was that waged by the Third World against the foreign debt.... More