The ideological war against Cuba

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-07-11 07:12:35


Image taken from Cuba, Isla Mía

By María Josefina Arce

For the sake of its hegemonic interests, the United States has always opportunely used certain situations to promote in other countries actions against the established constitutional order.   It is a well elaborated script used throughout history in Latin America.

That is why the events of July 11 last year in Cuba should come as no surprise.  It was chosen with full intention a complex moment for the country.   The administration of former President Donald Trump had tightened the criminal blockade, in the midst of the world health emergency caused by COVID 19, which led to the state spending substantial resources to deal with the virus and safeguard the lives of citizens.

This was compounded by a complicated international situation.   The disease caused by the new coronavirus paralyzed the world, given the necessary adoption of measures to prevent its spread. 

Trade, production and tourism, one of our main sources of foreign exchange, fell. And the machinery against the Caribbean nation was immediately set in motion. They took advantage of this scenario which, of course, generated shortages of food and medicines at a time of strong incidence of the pandemic, which created concern among the population.

A whole manipulative and very well designed campaign against the Cuban government and the revolution was activated from the social networks. The just concern of many Cubans was used, as it became evident, to promote hatred and violence against people and public property such as hospitals, official institutions and commercial establishments, some of which were looted.

And most strikingly, a military intervention in the archipelago was called for from the U.S. territory. Without any doubt, a whole strategy of what is known as a soft coup, masked in supposed humanitarian purposes, was underway.

The hashtag #SOSCuba appeared on the social networks. It was, as experts point out, a well-elaborated operation, which relied on high technology and promoted by hundreds of fake accounts.

But in addition, in order to give an adulterated image of what happened in Cuba, the Western press resorted to old and worn-out tricks, images of massive rallies in support of the revolution were presented as supposed evidence of a high level of discontent in the country.

What is impossible to deny is that on that day the constitutional order was violated and citizen security was endangered.

Hence, these people who resorted to violence were brought to justice. And there the campaign against Cuba intensified again, which now focused on alleged judicial processes without due guarantees.

The Attorney General's Office of the Republic made it very clear that at all times compliance with constitutional rights and guarantees was verified and the investigations carried out by the organs of the Ministry of the Interior were controlled.

Moreover, the Prosecutor's Office has systematically informed the population of the judicial proceedings and the sentences handed down, some of which were lowered upon appeal to the higher instance.

It is no secret that for decades the United States has dedicated millions of dollars to its subversive plans against Cuba. The disorders of July 11, 2021, instigated from U.S. territory, are part of the ideological war being waged against the country.  Now the social networks were the means used in a new and failed attempt to subvert the constitutional order and our political system, supported by the majority of Cubans.


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