Artisanal perfumes in the heart of the Havana Cigar Festival

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2024-02-29 17:04:39


Clara Camalleri, is a Cuban entrepreneur with a new venture which creates unique artisanal perfumes.


The 24th edition of the Havana Cigar Festival in the Cuban capital is a highlight for this country, because the annual event prevails despite economic difficulties and other setbacks.
 The gathering, scheduled from February 26th to March 1st, has the attention not only of the world’s cigar smokers, producers, and professionals of the industrial sector but also attracts the attention of local entrepreneurs looking for deals to boost their businesses.

This is the case of Clara Camalleri, a Cuban business woman with a new venture who creates unique artisanal perfumes.

Journalist: Thank you for granting this interview Clara.  Please tell our audience a little more about yourself.

Clara : My name is Clara Iglesias Camalleri and the business is called Clara Camalleri, artisanal perfumes.

I started in 1993.  After graduating from chemical engineering, I did a smelling test at Suchel Fragancia, which is the perfume school in Cuba.  After that, I spent several training sessions in France.  I was also in China, evaluating raw materials.  And out of necessity for the company, I started working at the Cuban perfume house doing customization, precisely because I mastered some languages.

That led me to become interested in starting a business, after I had contact with the public.  In fact, many people, especially foreigners, thought that the place was mine and encouraged me to work.  And it really interested me, because I could also create my own lines, whatever I wanted. And since 2018, I started working.

By 2017, I was a creator in the Cultural Assets Fund.  I started with the patron saint of tobacco, which is a story of a virgin in Mantua venerated by the cigar makers.  That was at the 2017 Festival.  After that, I presented the other tobacco fragrances: tobacco in blue; the Vitola, which is sweeter; and this year we bring the Cabernet Winter, which has to do with red wine grapes.

P: You told me this is a family business, right?

Clara: Yes, it is a family business made up of my father, who was a statistician.  He manages everything related to economy.  My mother also helps me with payrolls and putting on labels.  We all work in the production.  I have two girls, too. The oldest is a graphic design graduate from ISDI, and she does everything related to images and videos.  She is also the community manager of the company.

Journalist: What are your expectations?

Clara : My expectations are for the product to transcend the national borders with the Cuban character granted by the tobacco aromas and the floral lines.  We also have the national flower, the sunflowers, the forget-me-not flower.  We have the Havana line, which was launched on the 500th anniversary; the Jazz Plaza festivals line, for the Havana Jazz Plaza festival; and Chocolate with coffee, which is made every year in Guantánamo by Eduardo Mendoza.  And we have also recently released the zodiac line with the twelve signs.

Artisanal perfumes

Journalist: What gave you the idea for this Zodiac collection of perfumes?

Clara : Well, the Zodiac line arises from the fact that I have a lot of ties with the youth and listen to their ideas.  They suggested to me - my daughters and their friends - that we do it, that it could be successful.  And it really has been successful.  Each fragrance was made after studying, according to what the internet and some astrology books say, each aroma of each sign, what each of them likes.  We took all that into account to make the fragrances.

Journalist: A pleasure to speak with you, Clara.  Thank you very much for your time.

Clara Camalleri is a Cuban entrepreneur with a new venture which creates unique artisanal perfumes.  A very creative woman with a dream to grow.


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