“No one can accept the precepts of neoliberalism and consider themselves Christian,” pope Francis wrote in his days as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires. As pope, he puts the matter more directly: “Such an economy kills.” He regards the environmental crisis as an economic-justice crisis as well: “The same mind-set which stands in the way of making radical decisions to reverse the trend of global warming also stands in the way of achieving the goal of eliminating poverty.”... More

The Colombian Venezuelan relationship has developed since the early 16th century, when Spanish empire colonizers created the Province of Santa Marta now Colombia and the Province of New Andalucia now Venezuela. The countries share a history for achieving their independence under Simón Bolívar and becoming one nation —the Great Colombia— which dissolved in the 19th century. Following then, the overall relationship between the two countries has vacillated. ... More

By Gerwin Jones A recent report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the FAO, states that our planet has lost one hundred and twenty nine million hectares of forests in the past twenty five years, although it notes that the rate of deforestation has dropped due to remedial policies adopted by certain nations.... More

Professor Henry Salinas, chemical engineer from the Technical University of Ambatos in the province of Tunguragua, Ecuador is in Cuba. The reason he is visiting Havana these days is because he's doing a postgraduate course at the CUJAE. We asked the professor why he chose Cuba and to tell us about the course.... More

Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela participated Friday in the Cuba-Panama Business Forum. Varela was accompanied by Panamanian Commerce Minister Militón Arrochajunto and some 40 business executives from different economic sectors.... More

The first meeting of the Cuba-U.S. Steering Committee, a mechanism agreed by both countries to establish the agenda that will be discussed during the process towards the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States, took place on September 11, 2015. ... More

Cuba and Panama, two nations with strategic geographical position in our Hemisphere, are currently examining, on the occasion of the State visit to Cuba by Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela, ways to strengthen their links in such important areas as the economy, commerce, health, education and culture.... More

Cuban Tourism Minister, Manuel Marrero, and the rector of the University of Havana, Gustavo Correiro, inaugurated the new facilities of the Faculty of Tourism located on the corner of G and 23rd Streets in Vedado, a Havana neighborhood near the University of Havana campus.... More

Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñóz Valenzuela said in Havana that the newly signed cooperation agreements between his country and Cuba are an excellent example of South-South cooperation. ... More

The Guatemalan president, Otto Perez Molina resigned Wednesday night after the Public Ministry presented a warrant for his arrest for his role in the so-called “La Linea” corruption case.... More

Excerpts of a conversation of the Archbishop of Havana, Jaime Ortega and TV presenter and musician Amaury Pérez on a televised program The relationship between the Catholic Church and the Cuban State, the visit of the Pope John Paul II in 1998, those crucial moments in which he was named bishop and cardinal, as well as the role the book “Fidel and Religion” played in Cuba, were all aspects included in a conversation with the Archbishop of Havana, Jaime Ortega, in an interview with Amaury Pérez on his television program “Con dos que se quieran 2”. Amaury Perez is a well-known Cuban singer and songwriter who has hosted his popular TV show for several seasons, interviewing personalities from all aspects of Cuban society.... More

Cuba Supports the Declaration of Havana at Plaza Civica (current Plaza de la Revolucion) where over one million people representing the entire country gathered to constitute the General Assembly of the People of Cuba to reply on behalf of the people of Cuba and of Latin America to the Declaration of San José.... More

Cuban Students Back to School

September 1st is a very important day in Cuba because it is the beginning of the new school year and, generally, every family has at least one of its members starting school, in any of its different levels. But also this day, neighbors, relatives, and families join each other to witness the students' procession with their uniforms and backpacks, each one of them excited about the start of the new school year. ... More

Misael Batista Suárez, member of the Discalced Carmelites Congregation, is the priest of the Catholic church Nuestra Señora del Carmen located in Vedado in Havana. This Dominican has been living in Cuba for three years and offered an interview to Radio Havana Cuba, in which he talked about the preparations of the Cuban Church for the welcoming of the Pope who will be visiting Havana on the 19th of September. ... More

As the new school year is almost ready to begin, nostalgic memories emerge as the eternal gratitude of these young men and women from other nationalities is felt. Some are leaving the Villa Clara Superior Education classrooms. Others return to their countries while holding on to the love and affection, the rigor of their teachers and the pride of knowing that they are going to serve their people with a wide range of skills that they've learned here in Cuba. And still others stay to continue their specialties and studies to learn more, but they all keep in their hearts the love for our island.... More