Poverty in Argentina stands at over 57%, a rate that many fear could continue to rise, given the measures adopted by the government of President Javier Milei, which are leading to a rapid deterioration in the living conditions of many Argentinian families.... More

Can it be any clearer?

Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva recently expressed a series of blunt truths about what is really happening in the Middle East, in particular in the martyred Gaza Strip, subjected to intense Zionist bombardment and ground attacks.... More

Thousands of Peruvians continue to be unable to access their livelihood, fishing, just over two years after the oil spill by the Spanish multinational REPSOL on the coast of the district of Ventanilla, in the province of Callao, considered the biggest ecological disaster in the history of the Andean country.... More

Remember 2003

Although 21 years have passed since those events, it is appropriate for the world to keep in mind the months prior to the so-called Gulf War II, when the United States blatantly lied to justify the attacks and bombings against Iraq.... More

The imposition of harsh prison sentences on foreign and national citizens for drug trafficking was striking in Cuba, as such cases are rare.... More

The transition to clean energy is essential, but it must be fair and inclusive for the benefit of all.... More

Cuban health professionals are carrying out commendable work in the region of Calabria, which has had a profound impact on the people of this southern Italian region with a high shortage of health workers that threatened the closure of health facilities.... More

With all its diversity and cultural richness, Brazil arrives at the 32nd Havana International Book Fair, where for the second time in the history of this important literary event it is the guest of honour.... More

The German Nazi regime's Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, is credited with the phase: "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it" -- although everything indicates that he was just one more of those who uttered it and that it is now being imitated by his Zionist peers to justify the killing of Palestinians.... More

After months of lying in wait, a U.S. judicial body seized a Venezuelan airplane, purchased from Iran, by means of unprecedented procedures.  ... More

The visit to Havana of Bolivian Foreign Minister Celinda Sosa Lunda reaffirmed the good state of existing relations between the two nations, strongly resumed after the return to power of MÁS, Movement Towards Socialism, and which had been interrupted after the 2019 coup d'état against then President Evo Morales.... More

From 2019 to 2022, the acquisition of firearms in Brazil skyrocketed. The then president Jair Bolsonaro implemented dozens of measures to facilitate the purchase of these devices, a situation that generated criticism and fear in a good part of the citizenry due to the increase in violence.... More

The working visit of Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero to the United Arab Emirates is useful for the ties of both states, bent on expanding collaboration.... More

Prisons in Ecuador have not ceased to be news in recent years due to the occurrence of riots, massacres and the prevailing terrible conditions such as overcrowding, lack of medical care, lack of access to justice and human rights violations.... More

Zionist insanity

If any proof was missing that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is willing to perpetrate a genocide of great proportions against the Palestinian people imprisoned in the Gaza Strip, he himself provided it when he announced a military operation against Rafah.... More