Illiteracy, unhealthiness, malnutrition and exploitation of the peasantry who did not own the land they worked from sunrise to sunset was the panorama of the Cuban countryside, denounced by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, in his defense plea in the trial for the assault on the Moncada barracks, in Santiago de Cuba, on July 26, 1953.... More

Gaza:  The never-ending crime

Almost half a million Palestinians fled the sectors attacked by the Zionist Israeli army in the city of Rafah, in the extreme south of the Gaza Strip, where the situation is desperate due to bombardments, land incursions and the lack of food and medicine.... More

For years, the United States agricultural sector has advocated for greater rapprochement with Cuba and defended the establishment of normal economic and commercial relations between the two countries, for the benefit of both peoples.... More

More than 8 to designate the new president of the country and the members of the National Congress. Nine candidates from different political organizations aspire to the Head of State, among whom is the current president Luis Abinader, for the Modern Revolutionary Party and who is leading the polls.... More

The floods caused by heavy rains in Brazil that have left more than 140 dead, the energy crisis in several Latin American nations due to low rainfall and the high temperatures recorded in others have once again brought climate change to the fore.... More

Denying the denial

Without any surprise to anyone, the United States government, led by President Joe Biden, recently assured that a genocide is not being committed in the Gaza Strip, despite all evidence of an extermination program planned and executed by Israel.... More

In just seven days, a British court will decide whether to extradite WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange to the U.S. where he will face trial on espionage charges.... More

The work of the doctors of the Caribbean nation today settled in hospitals and communities, joins that of their colleagues Mexicans to strengthen the First Level of care and does not replace them. (Photo:Millennium)... More

The outlook is complicated for the self-proclaimed president of Peru. Scandal after scandal shakes the government of Dina Boluarte, who has the highest unpopularity recorded by a leader of the Andean country in the last two decades, since the political crisis is added to the economic, social and insecurity crisis.... More

The owners of the world?

During a recent conference on security issues held in Miami, the general and head of the infamous Southern Command of the Pentagon, Laura Richardson, ratified her firm conviction that, a century later, the Monroe Doctrine is still in force.... More

Although the ultra-liberal Argentine government tried in a theatrical way to disguise or attenuate the echoes of a recent general work stoppage, the truth is that the cessation of activities was very effective in sectors such as transportation and the movement of vehicles on the streets.... More

In parks, squares and communities of the 168 municipalities of the country, the so-called Employment Fairs are gaining space, with the aim of offering the population quality jobs, but also alternatives for training courses in trades.... More

Encouraging news

Students from several universities in the European Union intensify their actions of solidarity with the people of Palestine, victims of an extermination operation coldly calculated and executed by the Zionist state of Israel, which has already caused more than 35 thousand deaths, most of them children and women.... More

An historic visit

More than six decades have passed since the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Russia, which have been marked by respect, solidarity and fluid dialogue, but above all by friendship between the peoples of the two countries.... More

More than a month after the attack by Ecuadorian troops on the Mexican embassy in Quito, to kidnap Jorge Glas, the former vice president's health continues to be precarious due to the conditions in the La Roca maximum security prison.... More