Head of IBA wants to rebuild Cuban boxing school and create world center

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2022-11-29 18:13:07


Head of IBA wants to rebuild Cuban boxing school and create world center

Havana, November 29 (RHC)-- The president of the International Boxing Association (IBA), Russian Umar Kremlev, said Tuesday that the entity he heads is interested in turning the Cuban National Boxing School into a world training center.

"We want to rebuild the whole center (School) to make it an international institution for the preparation of boxers from several countries. The IBA is willing to invest in the reconstruction...", stressed the IBA president in dialogue with boxers, trainers and journalists at the Holveín Quesada National School.

Kremlev arrived in Havana on Tuesday for a lightning visit to Cuba. In addition to touring the Cathedral of Cuban boxing, he plans to meet with President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

 "I know that the president is very supportive of boxing. Today we will have good news," confided Kremlev, ratified in 2022 at the head of the IBA.

He said that a donation of 300 pairs of gloves, an equal number of headers and other implements will soon arrive in the country so that Cuban boxers will have "better conditions to train".

The 40-year-old former boxer acknowledged that "Cuba produces the best boxers in the world. All children from the moment they start watching boxing look at Cuban boxers. Many countries have a great interest in coming to Cuba and training with them".

At the Holveín Quesada School, known as Finca del Wajay, teams from other countries such as France, Germany, Spain and Venezuela usually come to Cuba for training camps.

He also pledged to deliver to Cuban boxers this year the cash prizes they won in the last World Championship in Belgrade-2021, which they have not been able to collect because of the U.S. embargo laws.

He criticized the embargo that Washington has maintained against the island since 1962 and intensified with the administration of Donald Trump and said that "that pressure should not exist. It is unfair to everyone. It is not good people who do this".

He revealed that at the next World Cup - in Uzbekistan-2023 - prize money for the champions will increase to $200,000.

"The prize is so that they can invest in the future and in their family. So that they don't have to look for another way to earn their money," he detailed.

He expressed feeling satisfied in complying with the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee in terms of governance, debts, renewal of its executive and arbitration.

"I believe that those who want to exclude boxing from the Olympic Games will not succeed, because it is a sport with many fans and we will do everything possible so that this does not happen," he said.

In response to a question from the press about the approval of women's boxing on the island, the president of the Cuban Boxing Federation, Puig, asked for "patience".

"In the coming days we are going to meet first with the press organs and we will exchange ideas with you," he said and then Kremlev added with a smile: "for the moment it is a secret. A little bit of patience", making it clear that the approval seems to be closer than ever.


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