Cuban Rowing for gold and bronze in Santiago de Chile 2023

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2023-10-12 12:52:16


Havana, October 12 (ACN) -- Cuban rowing will be at the XIX Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile 2023 with the purpose of achieving a gold medal and a bronze medal with 15 athletes (m and f) in 11 modalities, and highlight for the double and four pair of short oars (2x/4x) open category.

Angel Luis Garcia, president and national commissioner, informed today to the Cuban News Agency (ACN) that the title will be sought by Carlos Andrei Ajete and Reidi Cardona (2x) and the bronze medal by Ajete, Cardona, Leduar Suarez and Roberto Carlos Paz (4x).

Garcia added that the rest of the nine crews, in which most of the rowers repeat in more than one as usual, must advance to the finals of their specialties, so the expected haul could increase.   

The women will row in the open single (1x), with Ana Laura Jiménez, and the eight with coxswain (8+) of mixed long rowing, with Cobas, Venegas, Jiménez and Natalie Bárbara Morales, in company of Suárez, Paz, Josué Romero and Andrei Barnet, with coxswain Juan Carlos La O.

It should be noted that the 8+ mixed modality is making its debut in the Pan American Games, so it will be a question mark regarding the podium.

The other five men's boats are the coxless four (4-), with Ajete, Cardona, Barnet and Suárez, the coxless double (2-), with Henry Joan Heredia and Luis José León, the light 2x, with José Rafael Pérez and Carlos Enrique Rodríguez, and the 1x, with Suárez.

In the men's 8+, Suarez, Barnet, Paz, Romero and La O will repeat from the mixed, along with Ajete, Cardona, Heredia and Leon.

García is the head of the rowing delegation, with coaches Nelson Simón, Vladimir Reyes and Joan Manuel Paula.

In the previous edition of Lima 2019, Cuba finished in third place by countries, with two gold, three silver and five bronze medals.

The Chilean multisport event will take place from October 20 to November 5, and the rowing will be from the next 21 to 25, with the stage at the Laguna Grande in the commune of San Pedro de Paz, belonging to the province of Concepción, in central Chile.


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