Capablanca in Memoriam 2024 Chess Tournament set for the coming days

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2024-04-30 01:00:23


Havana, April 30 (JIT) - The Capablanca in Memoriam 2024 International Chess Tournament had its official presentation on Monday at the Habana Libre hotel, which will host its actions between May 2 and 12.

Before the specialized press, the organizers assured that with the new edition of the contest, one of the largest Science Game festivals in America returns to the Cuban capital. In addition, they ratified the calls for the elite, open and senior continental groups, along with the children's-school fair Looking for a Capablanca.

"It's going to be a great event," predicted the president of the Cuban Chess Federation, Carlos Rivero, who highlighted the level that the main section will exhibit, which brings together six grandmasters with an average Elo greater than 2,600 points.

"We are pleased with the roster that we have managed to put together, which includes the former Ukrainian world champion Ruslan Ponomariov," added international referee Bárbara López-Chávez, mainly responsible for ensuring the correct development of the games in that segment.

The Indian Aryan Chopra, the Danish Andersen Mads and the Norwegian Evgeny Romanov appear as the other foreigners on the list completed by locals Carlos Daniel Albornoz and Luis Ernesto Quesada, current monarch of the Island.

The candidates for the main trophy will face two presentations with different pieces before the rest, with no scheduled rest day.

A dozen games will also be played by the 200 animators of the open group, although the final composition will only be known after the official opening of the competition, set for May 2.

However, the initial list includes 12 grandmasters, 20 international masters and 25 players with Fide Master status.

«The remaining members of our national men's preselection and the entire women's team will be there. The results will have an important value when it comes to integrating the Olympic teams," explained coach Rodney Pérez about the parameters that will most influence the call-up to represent Cuba in the competition that will be held in Budapest in September.

Regarding the development of the senior continental competition, it emerged that it will have divisions by age. One will group those between 50 and 64 years old and the other will group those who are 65 or older.

In both cases, the champions will secure tickets to attend the world championship in those categories, while the medalists in each section will reserve their space in next year's continental tournament.

Among the “experienced” will participate three of the most prominent figures from the most recent past of chess on the Island: the grandmasters Vivian Ramón, Maritza Arribas and Zirka Frómeta.

Looking for a Capablanca is expected to bring together more than a hundred competitors from Spain, El Salvador, Mexico and Colombia, in addition to the hosts.

Rivero highlighted the support received by Inder and friends of Cuban chess to guarantee the continuity of an event that has seen several of the best players in the world, including world champions.


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