Hillary Clinton Warns Israel Cannot Trust 'Flip-Flopping' Donald Trump

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2016-09-09 14:46:52


Washington, September 9 (RHC)-- U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has warned that the Israeli regime cannot trust her Republican rival Donald Trump, who has “no reason to his comments about Israel.”  In an interview with the Israeli TV Channel 2, Clinton said: "He has said that we should be neutral on Israel on Monday.  Then on Tuesday he has said that, oh he’s really supportive of Israel.  Wednesday he might say Israel should pay back the defense aid it’s received over the years."

The former first lady said that Trump has floated the idea of using nuclear weapons against the Daesh terrorist group in Syria, right next to Israel.  She asked: “Using nukes against ISIS, not knowing the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas.  How does that in any way help Israel?"

Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump's "understanding of the broader dangers in the region should alarm any Israeli no matter where that person is on the political spectrum.”  And she quipped: “The best I can tell, his only experience is marching in the Fifth Avenue Israel Day parade.”

The Democratic candidate said that if elected president she would work closely with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to safeguard Israel’s strategic military edge.  “Shortly after being inaugurated I would invite the prime minister to Washington for meetings, I would send my joint chiefs and intelligence experts to Israel to meet with their counterparts.”

Washington and Tel Aviv have been negotiating the terms of a new 10-year military aid deal to replace the current one, which expires in 2018 and costs American taxpayers some $3.1 billion a year.  Prime Minister Netanyahu is demanding the U.S. increase the annual aid to Israel.


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